College Baseball Announcer Warns ‘Hide The Women And Children’ During Electric, Cliche-Filled Call Of 430-Foot Moonshot

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James Madison has had an up-and-down start to the 2023 college baseball season, but won its 17th game of the year behind a huge day from Jaylon Lee. The graduate transfer went yard not once, but twice, and they were both moonshots.

While the sheer power behind the dingers was one thing, the announcer’s calls stole the spotlight. The first was electric, the second was demoralizingly dull.

Lee’s first home run of the afternoon went way deep on a 1-2 pitch in the top of the third inning. He got every last inch and sent it sailing over the left centerfield wall.

In the booth, the play-by-play announcer said it best: “HIDE THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN, YIKES! Jaylon Lee leaves the ballpark and might have left the planet.”

Although the tracker listed the dinger at 430 feet, the announcer wasn’t convinced that it didn’t go further. He wanted NORAD to get on the case and make sure the number was right.

NORAD, of course, is the North American Aerospace Defense Command. Lee sent his ball into the stratosphere.

Five innings later, in the eighth inning, Lee mashed his second tater of the game to essentially the same part of the ballpark. It marked James Madison’s fourth home run.

Where the Richmond play-by-play guy was impressed by Lee’s first bomb, his energy was not quite there for the second. He sounded completely deflated during round two. No women or children needed to hide.

College baseball doesn’t get the same love as its professional counterparts, but the amateur level often provides some of the funniest and craziest moments. Tuesday’s midweek game between the Spiders and Dukes was no exception. The game itself was fairly meh, but the dichotomy between Lee’s two home run calls made up for the lacking tension.

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