James Harden Thinks He’s At The Met Gala, Pulls Up To Game 1 Against Celtics In All-Time Terrible Outfit

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Fashion can be subjective but this is horrid.

Philadelphia 76ers fans have a reason for concern before the start of the Eastern Conference semifinals between Philly and the Boston Celtics after James Harden pulled up to TD Garden in one of the worst outfits of all time.

Putting a streetwear twist on the Canadian tuxedo, Harden wore a furry blue outfit that appeared tailored for Shaquille O’Neal.

Listen, we get that NBA stars are interested in grabbing attention, but why not at least put some effort into the look during the NBA Playoffs?

Anyone on the Celtics that caught James Harden’s atrocious pregame outfit has to be feeling good about their chances of sweeping the Sixers.


Could the outfit be a way to hide some weight gain for Harden? Or was it an emergency outfit Harden had to put on after leaving a Boston strip club in the wee hours of the morning?

Either way, the look is unforgivable for the 10-time All-Star and 0-time champion.

Some compared Harden to the Cookie Monster, while others referenced Zoolander‘s homeless-inspired “Derelicte” campaign.

Even Kyle Kuzma, one of the NBA’s worst dressers, has to be wondering what was going through Harden’s head when he stumbled upon that outfit.

It’s no coincidence that New York City’s infamous Met Gala also takes place Monday — an event where the hottest people on the planet wear the worst outfits of all time. It was the same spot where AOC revealed her tone-deaf “Tax the Rich” dress, which would look better on James Harden as a pregame outfit than the appearance he picked Monday.

Verdict: Celtics in 4.

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