Filmmaker Doubles Down On Horrifying Brazil UFO Story, Claims Bacterial Infection Killed Someone As A Result

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Filmmaker James Fox continues to share a story about a terrifying alleged UFO situation down in Brazil.

Fox released the popular UFO documentary “Moment of Contact” in 2022, and a focal point of the film is the Varginha UFO incident in Brazil in 1996. The incident is known as Brazil’s Roswell and the loose version of events is some bizarre creatures from a UFO descended on the area, and were possibly captured by the authorities.

The UFO filmmaker sent shockwaves through the UFO world when he appeared on Joe Rogan and discussed the alleged incident in detail. It was nothing short of horrifying.

Fox alleged one of the creatures spoke to some young girls in need of help and stated, “please help me” because “it’s weak, it’s feeble and it’s scared,” the filmmaker claimed.

James Fox doubles down on Brazil UFO story.

Fox appeared on the popular show/podcast “Breaking Points” with Saagar Enjeti and Krystal Ball to further elaborate on the situation. Full disclosure, Saagar and I got our starts together at the Daily Caller, and like me, he’s very curious about UFOs.

As for Fox, he further dived into the story shared with Rogan and talked about how bacteria from one of the creatures killed a military police officer.

“Basically what they’re saying was in their entire career, they’ve never seen anything like this bacterial infection that killed a perfectly healthy 23-year-old military police officer,” Fox said when breaking down the alleged infection that came with these creatures. He noted a doctor told him he “threw the kitchen sink” at the infection, but nothing worked.

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Fox also alleged the United States Air Force secretly landed assets in Brazil without authorization to get involved in the situation.

He noted an official on the ground “saw the United States Air Force plane come in without authorization from the Brazilian government. It came in and it landed directly – this is on the record, you can go look it up – it came in and it landed in Campinas without any Brazilian authorization.”

You can watch the entire Breaking Points segment with Fox below. Whether you’re a believer or not, it’s fascinating.

This is one of the wildest stories in existence.

There are a ton of crazy UFO stories out there. I’m not sure any match that of the Varginha UFO incident. Every single time Fox discusses it, it gets scarier and scarier.

Creatures that sound demonic carried something with them that was deadly, were captured and the United States swooped in to help conceal it. Are we still on planet Earth? What the hell is going on?

As you can see from his Breaking Points segment, there’s actual on the record footage of people making these claims. It’s not just whack jobs. We also know UFO footage isn’t a new thing. There’s countless videos, including videos from the United States military.

What makes the Varginha UFO incident so horrifying is the alleged contact. If the alleged details don’t send a shiver down your spine, you might not be human.

Give us your theories and reactions in the comments below. The UFO subject definitely isn’t going anywhere.

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