Jameis Winston Grows His Hair Out In Attempt For Power

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When Saints quarterback Jameis Winston returns to the field following knee surgery, he’ll do so with considerably more power, thanks to his hair.

Winston’s growing both his locks and his facial hair out in an effort to channel his inner Samson, the biblical character whose long hair provided him with immense strength.

“It’s about the power in Samson’s hair,” Winston said of his ever growing mane, via @RealSuperNola. “I still got my power in my hair so I’m just gonna grow it out.”

Winston, who is expected to be the starter in New Orleans this year after re-signing in March, admits that he’s not just keeping his hair uncut in an attempt to wield Sampson’s power — he also likes the look.

“I just like this look. Especially with the mustache,” Winston added. “Especially when I pick (the hair) out, when I have the ‘fro. Oh my god. I feel like Earth, Wind and Fire. Like I can be a singer or something.”

More power — and accuracy — would be music to the ears of the Saints. Winston was 5-2 as the starter last fall before suffering injuries to both his ACL and MCL in Week Eight. Once Winston went out, the Saints struggled mightily, losing five straight and six of their final 10 games.

In Winston’s absence, quarterbacks Taysom Hill, Trevor Siemian, and rookie Ian Book all received starts but didn’t exactly light up the scoreboard.

As Winston watched his teammates struggle from the sidelines, knowing he was slated for rehab, he used his hair as a motivating factor.

“When I got hurt, I was like, man, I’m not gonna cut my hair until I get back on the field,” said Winston. “It’s gonna be a reset of (my) body, but I’m gonna keep my hair.”

Fortunately, the reset appears to be going as planned. Winston is expected to be fully healthy and ready for September’s season opener. Though, he may need a bigger helmet.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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