Jakobi Meyers’ Moronic Explanation Of His Lateral That Led To Patriots’ Loss To Raiders

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The ending of the Las Vegas Raiders’ 30-24 win over the New England Patriots on Sunday may very well be the most unbelievable, but also dumbest finish in NFL history all thanks to New England’s Jakobi Meyers’ boneheaded lateral.

With the game knotted at 24 with three seconds left in regulation, Mac Jones handed the ball off to Rhamondre Stevenson who picked up around 20 yards. Instead of being tackled and pushing the game to overtime, Stevenson tossed the ball to Myers.

Myers then proceeded to run backwards before trying to hit Jones with a 25-yard lateral. The ball ended up in Chandler Jones’ hands who ran over Mac Jones’ weak attempt of a tackle and scored to give Las Vegas the six-point win.

Jakobi Meyers’ Explanation For The Lateral Makes Zero Sense

Speaking after the game, Meyers was of course asked about what could be one of the worst decisions in the history of sports.

“I thought I saw Mac open,” Meyers said. “I didn’t see Chandler Jones at the time. I just thought he was open, tried to get to him and let him try to make a play with it, but the score was tied so I should’ve just went down.”

Even if Mac Jones was open and Meyers completed the backward pass, what did he expect to happen?

Jakobi Meyers cost the Patriots a shot at a win in overtime. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

You can take Chandler Jones out of the equation, even if the Pats’ QB came up with the lateral he wasn’t about to outrun the Raiders’ defense and “make a play” like Meyers expected him to.

The man threw the ball TWENTY-FIVE YARDS BACKWARDS in a tie game with no time on the clock.

While Meyers deserves all the blame, Mac Jones owned up to the loss as best he could after the fact.

“I’ve got to tackle the guy,” Jones said. “It’s on me, and it’s my fault. … I’ve got to tackle the guy, and we play for overtime.”

Nobody would expect Mac Jones or any other quarterback for that matter to tackle Chandler Jones in the open field, but he believes he should have made the play.

Truly unbelievable stuff.

Written by Mark Harris

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