CNN’s Jake Tapper Questions the Patriotism of Veteran Who Lost Two Legs

Rep. Brian Mast (R-Fla.) lost two legs fighting for democracy, but because he opposed President Trump’s impeachment, his patriotism is now up for debate. Well, at least it is to Jake Tapper, just one of the many dishonest spin-masters at CNN.

Mast shot back though, calling out Tapper’s schtick on Twitter:

I still can’t believe that AT&T has let CNN fall this far. The network hates Trump so much it can’t get through a single day without making an idiotic rage comment.

Jake Tapper is a major reason that CNN has lost all credibility, yet the network just rewarded him with a promotion. In April, the untrustworthy anchor’s daily show, The Lead, will expand to two hours to compete with The Five on Fox News and Deadline on MSNBC. CNN also says Tapper “will become the network’s lead anchor for all major Washington events.” Wow, what a gig.

Luckily for Tapper, his moronic comment was quickly overshadowed by his colleague, the insufferable Don Lemon. Lemon already cut ties with people he loves because they may have voted for Trump. Now, the hateful host has declared that all Americans who voted for the president are with the Klan and the Capitol Hill bad actors.

Take a look:

That’s the guy Tapper wants on his team, not a patriotic war hero like Rep. Brian Mast. Chris Cuomo, you are up.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Start taking the rancor out on the advertisers. The Left’s playbook is available for all to read. Cut off the flow of money like Trump did to Iran. Consider CNN a terrorist state.

    • Seriously the right needs to play that game. Currently the DNC and corporate America view the 70 million Trump voters as economically powerless (I’ve been in the corporate meetings, and this is true, I promise you). If and when Parler gets up again there needs to be the same kind of political pressure put on advertisers who promote this crap. It’s the standard left playbook. You post this clip with: “when will Coca Cola APOLOGIZE and REMOVE ADVERTISING on a program that promotes ANTI-HANDICAP BIGOTRY and DISABILITY SHAMING. Calling all decent people to BOYCOTT COKE until they agree to STAND with us AGAINST HATE!” See it’s easy!

  2. They are all coddled little children from rich parents. They went to fancy schools, and they look down on anyone who works for a living. Remember when Bloomberg babbled that he could teach anyone to farm? They think that for all blue collar workers, any monkey can be taught to do a job. The real talent lies in their ability to manage us drones.

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