CNN’s Jake Tapper Blasts NBA, Hollywood and Wall Street Over Relationships with China

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On Sunday, a television host publicly dunked on the NBA, Hollywood, and Wall Street, all in one sitting. And he did so because each industry continues to lick China’s boots, despite its restrictions on human rights. Most surprising of all, this host works for CNN.

Jake Tapper credited the Women’s Tennis Association for terminating the events it had scheduled in China when concerns surfaced that tennis player Peng Shuai was being suppressed by the CCP. Like Ted Cruz says, the Women’s Tennis Association has bigger balls than the NBA. Tapper seems to agree, saying:

“Yes, the Olympics are supposed to be free and without politics. But this is not about politics. The allegations against the Chinese government go far beyond its treatment of Shuai.

“Of course, Apple and Nike publicly claim to decry slave labor. But to be clear, the behavior we are seeing from U.S. corporations is not about a company surviving. It’s about discontent with just hundreds of millions of dollars, desiring instead billions of dollars.

“The millionaires and billionaires of Hollywood and the NBA and the IOC and Wall Street are all so eager for Chinese cash, they’re pretending none of this is happening. There is no amount of money that can buy enough soap to wash that blood off their hands.”

Here’s the full clip:

Credit to Tapper. So few pundits in his position have the self-confidence to blast China and the NBA, and doing so will likely lead at least one player to label him a racist. Tapper works for CNN, but he has a spine and credibility. Objectively, Tapper should take over for Chris Cuomo in primetime.

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Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. The tide is turning… the Woketards overplayed the hand – public credibility – that the cleverly edited George Fentanyl Floyd* video gave them… their bLM/CRT/anti American agenda has been on full display and Americans are waking (no pun intended) up from the Woke Nightmare…

    And now their survival instincts are kicking in, they see the writing on the wall, and they are trying to distance themselves from Woketardedness… but you can’t outrun the video and electronic trail you left, Woketards…

    * May his Reverend High Holiness George Felon Floyd rest in peace in his golden casket while Pelosi and Schumer wear kinte cloths and kneel before His statute…

  2. Sorry Bobby; Tapper has neither spine nor credibility. He`s just trying to get the top gig at the dumpster fire network and he`ll throw anyone under the bus. There`s not enough dick he won`t suck to get it. He`s just a far left puke trying to look like he`s coming back to the center…………such a fraud.

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