Jake Paul Claims He’s Banned From UFC Events, Alleges Dana White’s Son Used ‘Racial Slurs Against’ Him

Jake Paul claims he’s not allowed to enter UFC events.

The social media star turned boxer has a long running feud with UFC president Dana White, and that’s apparently resulted in him being banned from events.

“I’m banned from UFC events … Dana banned me after [the fans] were shouting “f** Jake Paul in a stadium,” and I tried to go to a different fight and all of our tickets were declined, banned,” the social media icon claimed on his podcast while talking with Israel Adesanya.

Jake Paul claims he’s banned from UFC events. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

Paul dove deeper into the story and claimed White’s son shouted “I f**king hate you” while drunk and “used racial slurs against” Paul. The younger Paul brother didn’t provide any evidence of the racial slur claim other than his word.

Paul and Adesanya also floated the idea of Paul wearing a fat suit in order to sneak into a UFC event and get a photo with Dana White.

If Jake Paul is truly banned from UFC events, it’s just the latest development in his feud with White and the fighting promotion.

The two men aren’t huge fans of each other, and it’s not a secret. Jake Paul regularly argues the UFC needs to pay fighters more and Dana White likes to remind people the young social media star is nothing more than a circus act.

When you think about it, it’s hard not to side with Dana White. He’s built the most successful MMA organization in the history of the sport, and Jake Paul refuses to fight any boxer in their prime.

Is Jake Paul telling the truth about being banned?

Now, is Paul being honest? He definitely could be, but why would Dana White want to ban Jake Paul? If there’s one thing White likes, it’s attention.

Even though the two feud, Jake Paul is great for attention. It might not always be good attention, but that hardly matters. Attention is attention, and you need lots of it to build a fighting league.

Also, is having your tickets declined really how you find out you’re banned? It seems like that’s something you have to be notified of. Otherwise, someone else can just purchase tickets under a different name. Problem solved.

Jake Paul claims Dana White banned him from UFC events. (Photo by Amy Kaplan/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Either way, it looks like the feud between the two might be back on. That’s great news for the fans because this pair never disappoints.

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