Jake Arrieta Reportedly Released Over Anti-Masking Comment

Disregard the ugly stretch from pitcher Jake Arrieta. What truly pushed the Chicago Cubs to release him was an anti-vaccine, anti-masking sentiment that the 35-year-old pitcher shared with a reporter, according to a For The Win report.

In a Zoom press conference during his final moments as a Cub, Arrieta asked a reporter to take off his mask. Given the interview was entirely digital, the request sounded reasonable to everyone except Arrieta’s critics, who lambasted the player and considered the moment a “final straw.”

On Thursday, the 2015 NL CY Young Award winner played his final game in Chicago, following a 10-0 loss against the Milwaukee Brewers on Wednesday. Arrieta surrendered a brutal eight runs and 11 hits.

In an interview after Wednesday’s game, Arrieta assessed his performance:

“It’s tough. Made quite a few good pitches, and they found holes, whether it was in the infield or the outfield. Only one or two balls were really hit hard, but it obviously accumulated. And with Corbin [Burnes] on the mound, a couple of runs is pretty much all that guy needs.’’

After racking up a 6.88 ERA in 20 starts this season, Arrieta hasn’t been on the organization’s good side for a while. His defiant stance against PPE and vaccination mandates just made things worse.

Cubs Presidents of Baseball Operations Jed Hoyer gave some insight on the team’s decision to cut ties with their polarizing pitcher.

“He was struggling,” said Hoyer. “Not getting deep into starts. We’ve been patient and tried to get through it and hopefully he [would] come out the other side and pitch better. We weren’t there.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. That reporter that tweeted about it, Jay Zawaski sounds like a real douche bag. Jake asked the guy on the zoom call once to take off the mask, not a big deal, these masking nazis and vaccine nazis sure are touchy, and then the Cubs release him over it. My god have these lefty’s lost their fucking minds. If your vaccinated then you should be all set, bc the vaccines are great right, so fucking leave the people who don’t buy your junk science bullshit alone. Masks don’t do a god damn thing, the cdc put a papers years ago on the subject, now all of a sudden they are going against their own scientific studies that they paid to have done. Ummm, politics maybe.

  2. Dude had a 7.00 era. I can assure you the mask comment was NOT the reason he was released. Give me a break. And yeah, he can say take off your stupid mask to a media tool bag in America. If that was the actual reason the Cubs released him no player really you wants to be there anyway. The Jed Hoyer ship is sinking fast after destroying their core. Looked good on paper but not in practice.

    • The Cubs are just playing out the season as they just traded everyone. Why in the hell would you release a guy with less than a couple of months left in the season that doesn’t matter. To me Arrieta has the last laugh anyways, he escapes that dumpster fire and they still have to pay him $1.7 million.

  3. The Cubs just used it as an excuse to score brownie points with the woke mob. Truth be told his ERA alone warranted a release, but they saw an opportunity to virtue signal as well.

  4. He’s like Jason Heyward. The only reason they’re still on the Cubs is they have zero trade value. Nobody wants those contracts with that little production.

    Trevor Bauer admitted to far worse than that but he won a Cy Young last year so he still has a job.

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