Packers Star Claims He Doesn’t Care About Losing $700,000 Bonus

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Jaire Alexander might be $700,000 lighter in the wallet, but he doesn’t seem to care one bit.

The talented defensive back was due a $700,000 workout bonus this offseason as part of his four year, $84 million contract, but he forfeited when he didn’t show up for the voluntary workouts in April.

While the average American might panic over losing $700,000, Alexander isn’t sweating it at all.

Jaire Alexander lost his $700,000 workout bonus. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

Jaire Alexander lost a $700,000 workout bonus.

In fact, he is “fine” with not having the money, according to Rob Demovsky. The reason why is pretty simple:

He just likes being alone.

Jaire Alexander doesn’t care about losing $700,000 workout bonus. (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)

“This is probably the best time to be here. When it’s quiet. I like to be here because I feel like I get the work. When no one’s here and it’s quiet, I can go in Lambeau all day … It’s so quiet. You have no choice but to find peace, especially inside the building. Lambeau’s open all day, go out there and meditate, run some stadiums, that’s all,” Alexander explained, according to ESPN.

When asked by Demovsky how much it would cost for Alexander to attend all offseason events and never leave, he said it would take $10 million.

The Packers DB walked away from a ton of money.

You know you really don’t care about money when you leave $700,000 on the table and don’t seem to care one bit.

Below is a list of what Jaire Alexander could have bought with $700,000:

  • A 4,400 square foot house in Green Bay.
  • A 53 foot boat.
  • 35,000 cases of Busch Light.
  • A small plane.
  • 70,000 pounds of high-quality lean ground beef.
  • A very nice hunting cabin.
  • An all-time great Las Vegas vacation.

Those are ones I just rattled off the top of my head. Jaire Alexander could have had all of that if he just attended some simple workouts.

From a common sense standpoint, athletes need to make as much money as quickly as they can. Their earning potential is almost never higher than it is while playing.

Jaire Alexander has earned big money since joining the Packers. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

Will Jaire Alexander still make plenty of money? Sure. His contract includes $30 million in guaranteed money and he’s already earned more than $43 million through five NFL seasons. However, the day might definitely come where he wishes he had an extra $700,000 in his back pocket.

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