Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence Sticks Up For Benched RB James Robinson

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Jaguars running back James Robinson was benched for 20 consecutive plays in Sunday’s 37-7 loss to the Rams, following a first quarter fumble.

That evidently didn’t sit well with rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who would like to see Robinson on the field more, per ESPN’s Michael DiRocco.

“In my eyes, obviously, I’m the one that’s out, see all the pieces moving, I see the whole picture,” Lawrence said on Wednesday. “Bottom line is James is one of our best players and he’s got to be on the field and we addressed it, and I feel like we’re in a good spot and the whole team, we’re good. Whatever may have happened, I honestly don’t even know everything that went into it.

“I’m playing the game and stuff happens on the sideline with coaching decisions. I don’t really get into that, but I know and I voiced my opinion: James is one of our best players and he’s got to be in the game. I think we’re all on the same page, so there’s no confusion there. We’re going to move forward. I know James is a hell of a player, so I want him out there.”

Robinson saw a season-low 44% of the snaps, with head coach Urban Meyer saying he was injured, not benched. However, three of his eight carries came in the final two minutes of the game. Asked Monday why that was, Meyer didn’t have much to say.

“That’s a good question,” Meyer said.

Meyer sang a different tune on Wednesday, saying that Robinson benched himself by putting the ball on the ground.

“You bench yourself,” Meyer said. “If you lay the ball on the ground and you come out for a few plays, and then it’s up to the position coach and whatever to put you back in whenever that’s time. And that’s not [just] James. That’s whomever. When the ball goes on the ground, you come [out].”

Backup running back Carlos Hyde also fumbled in the game but was out there on the Jaguars’ next drive. Robinson has rushed for 678 yards this season on 4.9 yards per carry. He has yet to receive 20 or more carries in a single game this season after having four games of such in 2020.

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