Jacob deGrom Published A Letter Thanking Everyone From The Mets Except The Wilpons And Sandy Alderson

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Four-time All-Star and two-time Cy Young Award winning pitcher Jacob deGrom took out a full page in Thursday’s New York Post to thank the Mets organization and fans for having him over the last nine years.

He thanked everyone… except the Mets previous owners – the Wilpon family – and former Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson.

“Ya Gotta Believe” has become “Ya Love To See It.”

And it’s so damn good.

Jacob deGrom’s farewell letter did not mention the Mets former owners in the Wilpon family. (New York Post)


“Steve Cohen, Billy Eppler, the entire front office, managers, coaches, players, both past and present, bullpen catchers, trainers, clubhouse personnel, security staff, family room workers, kitchen staff, PR staff, photographers, stadium personnel, New York City police officers, TV personalities and journalists. Each and every one of you played such a vital role in our lives in New York. Beyond a working relationship, many of you became true, life-long friends to Stacey and me,” deGrom wrote.

With these types of carefully constructed thank you’s, every line is analyzed by an agent and a team of PR people. There’s almost ever an “oops I forgot to mention” moment.

deGrom purposely slighted the Wilpons and Alderson.

He pulled a Tom Brady thanking everybody EXCEPT the New England Patriots in his retirement letter.

Jacob deGrom signed with the Texas Rangers this offseason. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

I mean just look at that photo of deGrom from this summer. That grin tells it all. That is the look of someone who knows that he’s going to stick it to previous ownership and the former head of the front office.

And the best part is…

New York Mets fans completely agree with him.

If anything, deGrom may have just won back some of the fans that he lost by not returning to the team and signing with the Texas Rangers.

New York Mets Steve Cohen
New York Mets owner Steve Cohen has a payroll of nearly $800 million this year. (Getty Images)


Just like many Mets fans, deGrom suffered for years with the Wilpons’ spending habits. It wasn’t always that they wouldn’t, but more-so how they spent their money. All deGrom and fans wanted was a legitimate supporting cast around their Cy Young winner to make significant World Series runs. And when the franchise actually did spend the money, they and Alderson wasted it. That was apparent when they re-signed players like Yoenis Cespedes to contracts they shouldn’t have.

The Mets star pitcher who struggled throughout the 2022 season with various injuries left the organization that he called home throughout his professional baseball career to head to Texas. degrom signed a eight-year, $185 million deal with the Rangers a few weeks ago. Although the Mets did acquire Max Scherzer last year, deGrom’s injuries only allowed him to appear in 11 games this summer – not nearly enough to be the dominant 1-2 punch the Mets needed, if not expected.

Some Mets fans were torn when their ace pitcher decided against returning to the team.

That was before current Mets billionaire owner Steve Cohen spent nearly $800 million in free agency.

That would seemingly help the fanbase get over any sort of resentment they have towards deGrom.

The other part that will help…

deGrom writing a nice, passive aggressive “See Ya Never” letter to the Wilpons.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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