Jackson Holliday’s Glorious Flow On Display As No. 1 MLB Draft Pick Makes Ridiculous Jump Throw At Orioles Camp

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Jackson Holliday is only 19 years old, but he is already doing things well beyond his age. The son of seven-time MLB All-Star outfielder Matt Holiday has baseball in his blood and will be a big part of the future in Baltimore.

Holliday, who was just beginning his senior season at Stillwater High School at this time last year, was selected No. 1 overall by the Orioles in the 2022 MLB Draft last July. He joins a very young core with a lot of hope and potential.

And although Holliday has played in just 20 professional games, the young shortstop was invited to his first Spring Training this month. That is very uncommon.

Rarely does a player receive an invite in his first season, even if he is drafted first overall.

Holliday is different.

If you throw him out there with Jorge Mateo, Joey Ortiz, Gunnar Henderson, the other great shortstops we have, you would have no idea he’s a 19-year-old kid. It looks the same, it looks the part.

— Orioles third base coach and infield instructor Tony Mansolino, via MASN

There is still a long way to go in Holliday’s development, he is 19 after all.

Despite his age, Jackson Holliday looks like a Major Leaguer already.

First and foremost, Holliday has some glorious flow— which everybody knows is a direct correlation to how you play on the field. Look good, feel good, play good!

The lettuce was on full display as he stretched out a double in his first Spring Training game over the weekend. Holliday’s helmet went flying as has dug toward second base, which left the luscious locks to fly with the wind as he slid into the bag.

Just a few hours before Holliday made his first “big league” appearance, the team shared the best clip of his professional career thus far. He is a stud, confirmed.

Holliday, lined up closer to second base in the six hole, comes across his body to track down a ground ball just inside third base. If that was the end of the clip, it would be an athletic play to potentially save a phantom run.

But it’s not.

Holliday fields the grounder three steps deep into the outfield, takes a fourth step to transition his weight, and unleashes a fireball jump throw back to first base for the out. It’s a play for which even Derek Jeter would approve.

Again, if it hasn’t been made abundantly clear, Holliday is 19 years old. While his high school homies are getting their first semester of college underway, he’s making ridiculous plays at Spring Training. Sick!

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