Milwaukee Bar Offers Incredible Booze Promotion For When Aaron Rodgers And The Jets Lose

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Jack’s American Pub in Milwaukee is running what might be the greatest promotion in the history of the NFL season.

The bar will pay the tabs of customers whenever Aaron Rodgers and the Jets lose this season, according to For The Win. In order to qualify, a person must have opened the tab 15 minutes before kickoff and food isn’t covered.

Even without food being covered, this might be one of the best promos we’ve ever seen, and it’s perfect for the people of Wisconsin.

Jack’s American Pub in Milwaukee offers free alcohol whenever Aaron Rodgers and the Jets lose. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

Milwaukee bar offers free alcohol whenever the Jets and Aaron Rodgers lose.

People in the Badger State love the Packers and beer. Aaron Rodgers time in Green Bay is over, fans are ready for a fresh start and there will be a lot of drinking along the way.

Jack’s American Pub is just trying to make sure everyone is nice and lubricated with booze and has a good reason to cheer against Rodgers and the Jets. Do we think some fans might be a shade bitter? It certainly seems that way.

Even if the Jets do win and customers must pay their tabs, the damage shouldn’t be too bad. Jack’s American Pub offers a lot of beers in the $5 and $6 range.

As someone who has lived in a huge city for nearly a decade, I’d gladly pay $5 for a Miller Lite. That’s a steep discount to what a lot of people are used to.

Jack’s American Pub offering free alcohol whenever the Jets and Aaron Rodgers lose. The restaurant offers cheap drinks. (Credit: Jack’s American Pub)

Knowing what I know about my fellow Wisconsin people, they won’t need any convincing to drink all Sunday and cheer against Aaron Rodgers.

That should come with ease. Again, people in Wisconsin love beer. They love it. It’s more important than air to many of them. The German roots run deep, and they can’t get enough of an ice cold brew.

How many games will Aaron Rodgers and the Jets win in 2023? (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

Now, how many games will the Jets actually lose? Nobody knows. That’s why the game is played, but if you want to attempt to get a free tab, it sounds like Jack’s American Pub is the place for you.

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