New ‘Jack Ryan’ Trailer Promises Plenty Of Action And Adrenaline

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“Jack Ryan” season three should be a great ride.

The new season of the Amazon drops December 21, and for the first time in more than three years, we’ll see John Krasinski kicking butt as the title character.

Expectations are high after the three year break following two awesome seasons. That’s honestly putting it mildly. Fans can’t wait for December 21 to roll around, and the latest trailer makes it pretty clear bullets will be flying.

The plot of “Jack Ryan” season three is as follows:

In the third season of the action-thriller series, Jack Ryan is working as a CIA case officer in Rome, when he is tipped off that the Sokol Project, a secret plan to restore the Soviet Empire, is being resurrected more than 50 years after it was thought to have been shut down. Jack embarks on a mission to confirm the intelligence, but things quickly go awry, and he is wrongly implicated in a larger conspiracy. Accused of treason, with a Red Notice out for his arrest, Jack is forced to run from his own government, if he has any hope of uncovering the rogue faction before it’s too late. Crisscrossing Europe as he is hunted by former allies and new enemies alike, Jack races against the clock to stop the cascade of destabilizing conflicts from leading to global catastrophe.

We also know loose nukes are a prominent part of the new season, which would tie it back to “The Sum of All Fears.” That story from Tom Clancy became a huge hit with Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman.

“Jack Ryan” season three looks incredible. It premieres December 21 on Amazon. What are the plot details? (Credit: Amazon Studios)

In fact, if you watch the first trailer for season three, it’s clear the story will certainly have a lot of the same themes and vibes fans loved in the movie from years ago.

Will it be the exact same? No, but it does certainly appear to be similar.

“Jack Ryan” is a great show.

In an era where most entertainment options aren’t all that appealing, “Jack Ryan” is in rarified air. It’s the kind of show that grabs you and doesn’t let go.

It’s electric, fast-paced, violent, suspenseful and fun. That’s why it’s one of the most successful shows made in the past several years.

When you focus on fun and entertainment, fans respond.

“Jack Ryan” returns December 21. Expectations are very high for the third season. (Credit: Amazon Studios)

As a huge fan, I can’t wait for December 21. It’s going to be an epic ride. Make sure to check back to OutKick once it drops for a full review. I’ll crush it at the first possible opportunity.

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