When Is ‘Jack Ryan’ Season 3 Coming Out?

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It’s already August, and there’s very little information about when season three of “Jack Ryan” will hit Amazon.

The hit spy thriller based on Tom Clancy’s work has been a massive success through the first two seasons. John Krasinski has absolutely killed it as the title character, and it’s been one of the most entertaining series over the past few years.

However, it’s been nearly three years since season two dropped November 1, 2019. Given the lack of great entertainment options, fans are clamoring for any great shows or movies we can get.

That’s why it’s incredibly strange Amazon has released virtually no information at all on the third season.

When does “Jack Ryan” season three come out? (Credit: Amazon Studios)

We know filming for season three took place in Washington D.C. back in January, but that was eight months ago!

By now, we should have some updates of some kind. Yet, there’s no official season release date, no trailer and as far as I can tell, virtually no information at all on the web.

Given the popularity of “Jack Ryan,” I think it’s fair to ask why Amazon is slow rolling season three.

When does Amazon’s “Jack Ryan” season three come out? (Credit: Amazon Studios)

The John Krasinski led series is great because it focuses on simply entertaining fans. It’s not woke at all, but is packed full of action and intrigue. There’s no way you can watch the show and not immediately get hooked.

Very little information is known about “Jack Ryan” season three. (Credit: Amazon Studios)

That’s why fans are begging for any information we can find on season three, and there’s literally none out there!

Will “Jack Ryan” season three come out in 2022? (Credit: Amazon Studios)

My best guess is we’re looking at a late-2022 or early-2023 release date for season three. When you combine filming was still ongoing earlier this year and the complete lack of any promotion, it’s hard to envision season three coming out sooner.

“Jack Ryan” fans are waiting for updates on season three. (Credit: Amazon Studios)

I would absolutely love to be wrong, but right now, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up for new episodes soon.

Let’s just hope when season three gets here, it lives up to the insane expectations the first two seasons left on fans. It’s a great show, and we all want to find out what happens next!

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