Jack Nicklaus Details A First-Tee Nightmare He Would Have During His Playing Days

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Every somewhat serious golfer has probably woken up from a terrible nightmare about the game, even Jack Nicklaus couldn’t escape bad dreams during his heyday.

Nicklaus, the owner of the most major championship victories of all time, recently spoke about certain dreams he used to have about his game. While some images in his head would help him on the course, one nightmare, in particular, has stuck in his mind all these years.

The Golden Bear revealed what you could say was a secret to his success during a luncheon earlier this week. Nicklaus claims that he used to give himself swing lessons while he was sleeping, literally.

“If I was having trouble with my swing I’d give myself lessons quite often when I slept. Then I went out the next morning and tried it and if it worked and I’d put it in,” Nicklaus said, according to Golfweek.

Jack Nicklaus used to have one nightmare during his playing days that has stuck with him to this day. (Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

That must be nice, being able to fix your golf swing while you’re asleep. Maybe we should all try that instead of forking over hundreds of dollars to our local teaching pro.

The dreams weren’t always good, however.

The 83-year-old said that he used to frequently have the same nightmare in which he would be making his way to the first tee of a tournament, but couldn’t quite make it.

“I haven’t had it recently, but I used to have a dream all the time that it was my time to get to the first tee and I could never get there,” Nicklaus said. “No matter what I did, somebody ran into me and kept me from getting to the first tee. I never quite got there, and I always woke up before it was my tee shot.”

I think we’d all suffer from having an occasional nightmare in exchange for a dream here and there that fixed our swing.

The legend of Jack Nicklaus continues to grow.

Written by Mark Harris

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