Twitter Idiots Rip Malika Andrews For Asking Adam Silver About Ja Morant’s Gun Antics

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Morons on Twitter aren’t happy Malika Andrews did her job and asked NBA commissioner Adam Silver about Ja Morant.

The Memphis Grizzlies star is currently suspended after he flashed a gun during an Instagram livestream. At one point, it appeared the barrel of the gun might have even been pointed at his head. It was just the latest off-the-court incident for the young NBA star.

He previously flashed a handgun in a strip club, was accused of being in a vehicle where people might have flashed a gun at members of the Pacers and allegedly flashed a gun during an altercation with a teenager.

The talented basketball player has now been forced, once again, to step away from the team.

Andrews pressed Silver Tuesday night on Morant’s antics and apparent desire to live out some kind of bizarre thug fantasy.

The NBA commissioner made it clear he was absolutely stunned by Morant’s latest video, and judging from his tone, the Grizzlies star should get ready to not play for a long time.

Twitter rips Malika Andrews for asking about Ja Morant.

While everyone with a functioning brain knows Malika Andrews did the right thing, some people on Twitter weren’t pleased.

Apparently, members of the media are supposed to ignore the biggest story in their area of coverage just because it’s negative.

The reactions were truly comical as people threw a tantrum because Malika Andrews had the audacity to ask about the biggest story in the NBA. Some even accused her of trying to bring down a black athlete.

Andrews didn’t do anything wrong.

Claiming Malika Andrews asking Adam Silver about the biggest story in sports was somehow a bad thing is an all-time galaxy brain work.

It’s easy to drag ESPN for all the stupidity the network engages in. However, if you’re going to drag ESPN and people who work at the network, you also have to tip your cap when they do a good job.

Ja Morant suspended after latest gun incident. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

Andrews simply asked about Ja Morant repeatedly doing stupid things. Don’t blame Malika Andrews for asking about Ja Morant when sitting with Adam Silver.

Blame the Memphis Grizzlies guard for being a moron with guns. How is it Malika Andrews fault? It’s not. She has a job to do, and she did it very well.

His supporters seem desperate to shift blame to anyone other than him, and I guess Malika Andrews is the target they’ve settled on.

You have to be truly stupid to think Malika Andrews did anything wrong. This is just another great example of how dumb the internet can be at times. When you’re sitting with the most powerful man in any industry, you ask about the most important story. That’s Ja Morant for the NBA at the moment.

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