Lil Wayne Says Nobody Knows Whether Or Not Ja Morant Is Truly A Thug

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Rapper Lil Wayne offered a very interesting reaction to Ja Morant’s latest issues.

The Memphis Grizzlies guard is in seriously hot water after flashing a gun on an IG stream after already having served an eight game suspension for a gun incident. He’s almost certainly going to now serve an incredibly lengthy suspension.

It seems like Morant just can’t stay out of his way. One of the major reactions to his issues is the claim the talented NBA player is simply playing out a thug fantasy.

I wrote an entire piece breaking down how gun owners should reject his fantasy. However, Lil Wayne believes nobody truly knows whether or not Morant is a real or fake thug.

Lil Wayne offers interesting take on Ja Morant.

The rapper’s reaction to Ja Morant pretty much boils down to two things: Nobody on TV knows whether or not the Grizzlies guard is a gangster and he might have come from too rural of an area to fully grasp the situation he’s in.

“Don’t fall into that trap these people doing on TV saying, “Because he ain’t no thug! He ain’t in the streets! He ain’t about that! You don’t want that!’ You all know that boy? Because I don’t. I know him from dunking and jumping, and I only started paying attention to him his last year of college,”

The rapper further added, “He come from a town of 3,000 people. I’m like, what? What y’all expect? You all gave him $200 million. I just said a town of 3,000 people. You expect him to be responsible? Now we tripping then. Now we tripping. That’s magic. Because I can tell you I come from a real well-raised beautiful mother. My mama bust her ass to make sure everything around me was nice, and I still was a knucklehead. I shot myself, you know what I mean?”

Does Lil Wayne make some good points?

To be fair to the rap star, it’s more than reasonable to point out nobody really knows what’s in Ja Morant’s heart. Other than his closest friends and his family, only Ja Morant knows whether or not he’s a real or fake gangster. Let’s hope it’s the latter because the former is really bad news.

You don’t want to associate with someone who might actually be a bad person. The problem is Ja Morant is so regularly in trouble at this point it’s impossible to give him the benefit of the doubt.

The last two gun incidents are the only issues plaguing him. He’s also accused of flashing a gun at a teenager during a basketball game and being in a vehicle that possibly displayed a gun at the Indiana Pacers.

However, Lil Wayne’s second point couldn’t be more useless. The idea coming from a small town means you can’t handle success is nuts. Taylor Swift and Chris Pratt are both from incredibly small towns, and both have done just fine handling money and success.

Why should coming from a small town mean your poor actions are excused? Taylor Swift has been famous since she was a young kid, and never has any issues like Ja Morant. That’s an excuse simply not worth buying.

Coming from a small town or big city shouldn’t have any impact on whether or not you’re a good person. That’s a true galaxy brain take from the legendary rapper.

How long will Ja Morant be suspended for? (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

At the end of the day, Ja Morant is responsible for his behavior and no excuse is acceptable, certainly not the size of his hometown.

Written by David Hookstead

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