Ja Morant Blesses Waitress With Massive Tip, Leaves Her Stunned When She Realizes Who He Is

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Ja Morant may have just signed a max contract extension that could be worth more than $230 million over the next five seasons, but he’s still a man of the people.

Shortly after signing his new deal, Morant and his team hit up an Applebee’s in the Dallas area, as one naturally does. In the latest episode of Morant’s docuseries, shot by ‘Shot By Nie,’ video shows Morant sitting in a completely empty restaurant.

Then, the waitress walks into the frame, and that’s when things get interesting, in the best way possible.

Morant tipped the waitress $500, so naturally she had to return to the table to figure out who this guy is who just left her such a hefty tip.

He initially jokes that he’s “the black Jesus,” but the waitress quickly realizes he’s some sort of professional athlete. Morant finally shares that he plays basketball.

“I’m already in the NBA,” Morant says after the waitress asks if he can make it to the league.

As soon as Morant says that he plays for the Grizzlies, the waitress recognizes who he is, mimicking his patented hairstyle. She doesn’t know his name off the top of her head, but she knows that he’s a superstar.

The haters are going to argue that Morant only tipped the waitress the $500 because the cameras are on. At the end of the day, who cares? Morant still left the woman a $500 tip and undoubtedly made her day.

Written by Mark Harris


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  1. Does he perform these “random acts of largesse” frequently? What did this waitress do that prompted this?
    Such overt generosity does not have to have ulterior motives but we do live in cynical times.

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