Gilbert Arenas Offers Wild Spin Zone To Frame Ja Morant’s $50K Strip Club Bender As Positive Contribution To Denver

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Gilbert Arenas wants people to see Ja Morant in a different light. The 41-year-old offered a hilariously outlandish spin zone to try and frame the young Grizzlies star’s strip club outing as a positive.

Earlier this month, before and after a road game against the Nuggets, Morant visited Shotgun Willie’s, the self-proclaimed “premiere and most legendary Gentleman’s club” in the Denver Metro area. While there, he decided to flash a handgun on his Instagram Live, which opened an NBA and police investigation.

Although the police investigation did not find evidence to charge anyone with a crime, the young Memphis guard remains away from the team. He is taking time to focus on his mental health and his behavior in dealing with stress. The NBA continues to investigate.

Photos recently emerged from one of Morant’s two nights at Shotgun Willie’s. They are pretty wild!

Morant’s expensive outings in Denver led to a lot of discourse around his character and conduct. Most of the conversation has focused on how the 23-year-old, former No. 2 overall pick needs to straighten out.

Gilbert Arenas’ (likely satirical?) take on Ja Morant is one of a kind.

Arenas, who was suspended for most of the 2009/10 NBA season because of handgun violations and for subsequent actions that appeared to make light of the episode, had a different take. He posted his thoughts on Instagram on Sunday morning and offered a new perspective.

It was satirical, at least to some extent, but the absurdity remains.

Where others were quick to chastise Morant, Arenas is choosing to praise Morant’s philanthropic efforts! His post is so outlandish that a summary does not do it justice. Here is what he had to say:

Arenas is using his post as commentary around the negative tone that revolves around Morant and his most recent incident, as if to say that everybody needs to relax. He isn’t being serious— right?!

Either way, serious or not, Arenas made his point in the funniest way possible. The mental image of Agent Zero waking up on a Sunday morning and cooking up a post that wild is a glorious one.

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