Crispy 4K Baseline Video Of Ja Morant’s Rim-Rattling Poster Dunk Goes Viral For Its Jaw-Dropping Cinematography

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Don’t jump with Ja Morant. You’ll end up all over the internet if you do.

Pacers forward Jalen Smith learned that lesson the hard way on Saturday night. The 6-foot-9, 215-pound 22-year-old was on the wrong end of Morant’s wrath and went insanely viral for all of the wrong reasons.

Late in the third quarter against Indiana, Morant had the ball with seven seconds left on the shot clock and decided to take it to the rim himself, so he did. The Memphis star shook Oshae Brissett at the three-point line, drove freely through the lane and went up.

Ja Morant threw down an absolute hammer on Smith’s head top.

While the broadcast angles of the dunk will cause your jaw to drop, they pale in comparison to the shot captured by Grizzlies creative video lead Michael Blevins. The three-time Emmy Award winner was positioned on the baseline, directly under the hoop.

His entire career to date was irrelevant as Morant drove to the rim. He had to get the shot— and he did.

It could not have been crispier. Blevins caught the entire thing in 4K, from the shimmy, to shake Brissett to the powerful jam on top of Smith, to Morant’s subsequent reaction.

As he made his way back up the court, Morant was ice cold with his stare down.

It was beautiful. Blevins was in the perfect place at the perfect time and captured the perfect shot.

Had he missed Ja Morant’s dunk, he would never have lived it down. It was the shot of his life and it could not have worked out more in his favor. Blevins is a pro’s pro, and where he could have totally choked, he stood strong with the camera rolling and filmed the greatest dunk of the year (thus far).

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