Ja Morant Card Shoots Up In Value After Michael Oher’s ‘Parents’ Spotted In Background With Other Celebrities

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Memphis is one of those big-ish cities that has a small-town feel and Ja Morant somehow getting looped into the Michael Oher – Tuohy family – conservatorship drama is the perfect example of that.

In case you’ve been completely unplugged over the past few days, Michael Oher of NFL and ‘The Blind Side’ fame filed a petition in Shelby County Court (Memphis) alleging that he was tricked into signing documents that made Sean and Leigh Anne Touhy his conservators. In other words, Oher is alleging he was never adopted and instead signed his financial life away to the Tuohy family.


Morant has absolutely nothing to do with the back-and-forth between Oher and the Tuohys, who live in Memphis as well, but thanks to one of his trading cards, he’s finding his name in headlines with Oher and his ‘parents.’

The Morant card from the 2021 Panini Chronicles was already well-known thanks to rapper Young Dolph, who was killed in Memphis in 2021, and Memphis rapper Key Glock being pictured in the background.

Both Glock and Dolph garnered all the attention for the card, up until now at least. With the Tuouhys also pictured in the background of the card its value has shot up thanks to their name dominating sports news around the country.

According to Sports Card Investor, the PSA 10 version of the card could be bought for just over $100 on July 31. Now, PSA 10 versions of the card are selling for as much as $550.

Morant has been in the news for all the wrong reasons and was suspended for the first 25 games of the upcoming NBA season. The Tuohys would rather not be in the news at all.

But hey, at least some card collectors are making a buck.

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