Ivana Knoll Wore A Custom Bikini Top To Croatia-Belgium Match & Qatari Security Forces Didn’t Say A Word

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World Cup superstar fan Ivana Knoll did it again Thursday in Qatar at the World Cup.

The Instagram model promised she would be the talk of the Croatia-Belgium match and then delivered a front-row performance that the Muslim country will eventually include in its school history books. Wearing a custom-made Croatian flag bikini top, the 5’11 Knoll walked right into Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium and cheered her team to a 0-0 draw which is good enough to advance to the knockout stage of the World Cup.

“The locals confirmed to me that I can wear whatever I want,” Knoll told TMZ this week. “But I didn’t know that my video in a bikini walking by the sea would be such a big deal. The whole country is speaking about it. Everybody knows me here, and I saw that I was accepted.”

Ivana Knoll Qatar World Cup Instagram model
The great Ivana Knoll gets dialed in for a 0-0 draw between Croatia and Belgium. / Instagram Story

It was no different during Thursday’s match when she took things to the next level with her custom-kini. Remember, we’re talking about a country — Qatar — where international women are warned to cover their shoulders and avoid wearing short skirts.

Knoll hasn’t covered a damn thing since the locals told her she’s all good. It turns out the Qatari government WILL NOT have Ivana murdered for her custom-kini. In fact, the Modesty Police didn’t even say a word as she rooted on the boys from the front row showing off more female skin than most Qatari men have seen in their lifetimes.

How good is the livin’ in Qatar for Ivana Knoll?

From the look of things inside Bin Ali Stadium, it appears she’s being protected by a local security force aimed with keeping horny men away from her. Stop and think about how high of an honor this is for a woman in Qatar where she’s not supposed to show bare shoulders to give men erections.

Ivana Knoll security detail
Men are going nuts to get close to Ivana Knoll at the World Cup, but her security detail will not allow it. / Instagram Story

And don’t think for a second the Qatari government doesn’t know what’s going on here with Knoll Doll and her massive cleavage. Someone at the top is clearly a fan of the cleav and has told the government henchmen to not only allow Knoll to operate, but to also back TF off and allow her to create content.

Now Knoll and Croatia are through to a likely Sweet 16 match against Spain on Monday.

Buckle up. Knoll’s not going anywhere. She’ll be there rooting on the boys. Now the World Cup gets interesting.

Ivana Knoll on her way into the Croatia-Belgium match.
Ivana Knoll on her way into the Croatia-Belgium match. / Instagram Story
The Queen of Qatar Cup Content was in the front row for Croatia's match against Belgium, which ended in a 0-0 tie.
The Queen of Qatar Cup Content was in the front row for Croatia’s match against Belgium, which ended in a 0-0 tie. / Instagram Story

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