Ivana Knoll Keeps Shedding Clothes At The World Cup & Qatar Rulers Seems To Like It

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The clothes Instagram model Ivana Knoll brought to the World Cup in Qatar just keep coming off.

In one of the craziest moments in sports and Muslim history, the Croatian fan with a million-dollar smile and skin bronzed beyond anything the Qatari government has ever seen in its life, is breaking all the written rules and customs in Qatar and living to talk about it.

Knoll, who is typically based out of Miami, showed up to the World Cup last week doing her best to follow the Qatar “modesty” rules, but now things have escalated to where Knoll is hitting up the beaches in bikinis and dumping out her cleavage at soccer matches.

We’re talking about a World Cup where England refused to allow its wives and girlfriends to stay on dry land because the soccer federation was afraid modesty laws would be broken. Now we have Knoll Doll openly middle-fingering the modesty rules.

And she’s still alive and not in jail!

“The locals confirmed to me that I can wear whatever I want,” Knoll said during an interview with TMZ. “But I didn’t know that my video in a bikini walking by the sea would be such a big deal. The whole country is speaking about it. Everybody knows me here, and I saw that I was accepted.”

“I was never afraid to be arrested to be what I am, and I don’t think I can hurt someone wearing a bikini. And if that deserves to be arrested, then arrest me.”

Are you listening, Iranian scumbags?

Knoll tells TMZ that her November 23 cleavage dress didn’t raise red flags with the officials and from there it was on. The bikinis came out and now we have a full-fledged Qatar World Cup superstar.

She’ll be back in a stadium Thursday for Croatia’s huge match against Belgium. Knoll’s team needs just one point to move on to the knockout stage. Belgium, the experts say, needs a win.

Put it this way, you haven’t seen the last of Ivana Knoll…as long as some Qatari government official doesn’t suddenly get offended by a 5’10 Instagram model in a bikini.

Then all bets are off.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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