It’s A Huge Day For Chiefs Superfan Arrested On Bank Robbery Charge If He’s Going To Get Out Of Jail Before The Super Bowl

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Chiefs superfan Xavier Michael Babudar, who is known as the “ChiefsAholic” on social media, is scheduled to be in a Tulsa court room today in what is a huge moment if this superfan has any hope of getting out of jail before the Super Bowl.

Badudar was arrested in December for robbing a Tulsa bank just two days before the Chiefs beat Houston 30-24 in a road game that Babudar missed due to his run-in with the law. Today, he is scheduled to meet with a judge and ask for a bond reduction — it stands at $50,000 — that would allow him to get out and relax while Patrick Mahomes and KC face the Eagles in Super Bowl LVII.

Xavier Michael Babudar as “ChiefsAholic” (left) during the good old days; Babudar, right, in his jail mugshot after being arrested for robbing a Tulsa bank.

Babudar’s days as a Chiefs superfan unraveled when fans realized he never made it to the Texans road game. According to KSNT, fans started speculating and joking that maybe the superfan was responsible for pulling the bank robbery.

One thing led to another and “ChiefsAholic” was sitting in jail as the Chiefs just kept winning and now this superfan finds himself in a miserable situation. Add in the fact that Babudar claims to have two gambling tickets — $5k on Mahomes to win NFL MVP and $5k on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl — and you have all sorts of drama with this guy right now.

Keep in mind, if his tickets hit, he stands to collect $100,000.

Guys, it’s entirely possible we’re dealing with the case of the very first superfan in NFL history who could post bail after hitting a couple of futures bets.

But who’s going to cash those tickets? How does that even work? Can you cash a gambling ticket from jail and then post bond with your gambling winnings? Can Xavier use jail phones to tell others to take a cash-out option or to hedge on his Chiefs bet?

There are so many different stories at play here, but what’s clear is that it’s going to be a spectacle when ChiefsAholic goes in front of a judge to tell the judge his bail should be lower when he was allegedly making $1k same game parlay bets.

Good luck, chief.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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