It Hasn’t Been As Bad A First Day For Team USA Since 1972

For the first time since the ’72 Summer Olympic Games, Team U.S.A. failed to win a medal among 339 awarded prizes on Saturday.

Following Friday night’s opening ceremony, Team U.S.A. participated in eight of the ten scheduled events for Saturday’s competition and left a goose egg on the scoreboard, not seen since the Summer Games in Munich.

While none of the games featured a strong suit for American athletics, with events such as taekwondo and fencing taking place, the 49-year difference since the last time they went scoreless on Day 1 felt like momentum piling against Team U.S.A. after a difficult preliminary stretch leading up Saturday.

According to Yahoo Sports, Day 1’s games included:

Mixed team archery, Men’s road race cycling, Women’s epee fencing, Men’s saber fencing, Women’s 48kg judo, Men’s 60kg judo, Women’s 10m air rifle shooting, Men’s 10m air pistol shooting, Men’s 58kg taekwondo, Women’s 49kg taekwondo, Women’s 49kg weightlifting.

With basketball and gymnastics still being predicted as titles to be claimed by Team U.S.A., the result of the Olympics’ medal count always proves to be a thrilling follow, even if they’re taken as seriously as a honeymoon to Taco Bell. All for some worldwide clout.

China (4), South Korea (3) and Japan (2) lead the medal count. Swimming and women’s gymnastics are scheduled for Day 2 of the Tokyo Olympics.

Written by Alejandro Avila


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    • New Zealand is not a good team, at least not as good as the USWNT. However, I think the women will advance to the knock-out round. I am not a fan of Rapinoe, but she is sadly on a good team. Nothing you can do about that.

  1. Wow…so called So Called Americans rooting against other Real Americans. It’s like January 6 all over again. Go Team USA… Real Americans are rooting for you. Show out like we showed out in the 2020 election. Come home a winner…

    • Where are the Amercians? I just see a bunch of people disrespecting our flag telling me 24/7 and telling everyone that America is the worst place on earth and I am a racist, knuckle dragging, moron. Megan Rapino and her ilk were that uniform for the money and use the attention it brings them to bad mouth a country that has embraced her. How about she opens that big fat mouth of hers to fight for women Muslim countries who don’t HAVE soccer teams and where homosexuals are still executed? And oh yeah. You LOST to a bunch of 15 yo boys so how about you shut the F up. But no worries, the “they’s” will all be out of jobs soon. A bunch of 15 YO old boys will say they identufy as female and then good-bye and good riddance to these ungrateful cows.

  2. “Ball Don’t Lie” roots against everything American until he has some bullshit reason to criticize people who love America. People are rooting against the women’s team because the team hates America. So save the sanctimonious crap. I LOVE America and want them to lose so they don’t have a platform to promote their anti-American SJW Marxist BS you approve of. And by the way, you have 35 Twitter followers and pay $100 to shit post. Get a life.

  3. “Cant rationalize with irrationality. He’s got a keyboard and taxpayer-subsidized internet.” that is absolute GOLD!

    Assuming “ball dont lie” is curled up in the fetal position deep down in Mom and Dad’s basement sucking his thumb.

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