Texas A&M Player Retweets Message About Getting Money And Leaving, Gives OutKick His Explanation

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Ish Harris claims he didn’t mean to share a message about getting paid and bouncing from College Station.

The Texas A&M freshman linebacker is entering the transfer portal and leaving the Aggies after a single season with the program.

Following news that he was out, he retweeted a message claiming the “entire class got the bag and said alright let me where I actually want to go lol.” As of Tuesday morning, the message is no longer on Harris’ Twitter account, but a screenshot has gone viral.

OutKick spoke with Harris to get his side of how the message ended up on his account, and he claimed it was totally accidental. Harris further added that he never received a “bag” to play for Jimbo Fisher and the Aggies.

Nick Saban infamously accused Fisher and Texas A&M of handing out $30 million to players to secure the top signing class.

Ish Harris claims his retweet about getting money and leaving was an accident. (Credit: Texas A&M Football)

Now, it’s incredibly important to note that while it might not be impossible to accidentally retweet something, it’s not easy at all.

It’s a two-step process. First, you must hit the RT button and then after that, you must confirm that you want to RT it.

Below is a picture of the second step.

Ish Harris claims he accidentally retweeted a message about getting a bag and leaving. (Credit: David Hookstead/Twitter)

With players having more freedom than ever, you can expect guys to dip out at a rate we haven’t seen before, especially if there’s money to be chased. Look no further than Quinn Ewers for an example of that fact. Instead of riding the bench at OSU, he went to Austin and immediately scored multiple NIL deals.

Do you buy Harris’ explanation to OutKick? Let us know in the comments below.

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