Irish Liquor Store Owner Has Fighting Words For Conor McGregor Over Mask Incident

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Conor McGregor’s recent maskless trip to a Straffan, County Kildare, Ireland liquor store has at least one shop owner fired up and talking a big game about how he’d cut off The Notorious if he tried to walk in maskless and buy a bottle of Proper Twelve, McGregor’s Irish Whiskey. Speaking on the Clair Byrne Live show in Ireland, liquor store owner Joe Mannion had fighting words for the former UFC champion.

“I think those people that aren’t wearing a mask at this stage aren’t going to wear the mask,” Mannion told Clair Byrne. “For us, you’re not coming in and that includes Conor McGregor and anybody else that thinks they’re not going to wear a mask.”

Mannion wasn’t done with the fighting words clearly aimed at McGregor.

“The only people we don’t have any problem with are people who can’t wear a mask for medical reasons.

“I’m in business here for 35 years and I’ve come up with a lot rougher people than Conor McGregor, but I can tell you if you don’t stand your ground, you wouldn’t have a shop. And people would walk all over you.

“My concern is with my staff as well. We made this decision eight months ago that we have a responsibility to the staff as well as the customers and we cannot afford to let them be at risk.”

If Dana White’s looking for an opponent to throw in there against McGregor before he’ll allow the Dustin Poirier trilogy to go forward, he might want to look at Mannion. The guy is a walking UFC promo waiting to happen. He just said there are tougher people out there than McGregor that he’s taken down over his liquor store career.

At the very least, we should be getting a Joe Mannion vs. McGregor Mask-off Debate on Instagram Live. Let these two drop fook-bombs on each other for 15 minutes and cut the feed. I’d watch.

via @thenotoriousmma
via @thenotoriousmma


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  1. Okay grumpy, tough old man. If you’re that panicked that the Corona virus is so dangerous and that you’re scared for your employees and customers, close your shop, bud. Do you check the type of mask your customers wear? Most masks, gators, etc., are not designed to prevent dissemination or reception of disease and infection. Like the restaurants that make you wear a mask when you walk 5 feet to your table but then allow you to take the mask off so you can spend a bunch of money, and eat and drink, and keep them in business. This pandemic has truly given us a front row seat to how fucking stupid and hypocritical so many people are.

  2. What a virtue signaling loser. Why don’t you stop selling liquor if you’re so worried about people’s health. Drinking alcohol leads to health problems. Wearing a mask does not keep you healthy. F this guy.

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