Iran Players Sing Anthem After Reports Of Families Being Threatened Back Home

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Iranian players sang their national anthem Tuesday prior to the World Cup game against the USA.

Earlier Tuesday, a shocking report claimed the families of the Iranian players faced torture and imprisonment if the players did anything against the regime during the team’s third game.

Right before the highly-anticipated game started, the players were shown on the broadcast singing/muttering the anthem. Nobody on the team appeared to be happy. Given the report of treats of torture hanging over their heads, it’s not hard to understand why it looked like a hostage video.

Previously against Wales, Iranian players started singing the anthem after refusing to do it game one against England. The players initially didn’t do it as a sign of solidarity with the pro-freedom protesters in Iran.

While the reports about the threat of torturing family members didn’t come out until today, you can bet the regime didn’t treat the initial protest well.

There’s a high chance the team knew of the alleged threats ahead of the Wales game.

The situation with the Iranian World Cup team is an unfortunate reminder of how brutal the regime in Tehran is.

They showed true courage not singing the anthem game one against England. Now, after threats of violence and torture, the players are singing the anthem.

It’s a horrific situation, and it shouldn’t be tolerated.

Iranian soccer players sing their national anthem after reported threats of torture for family members back home. (Photo by Serhat Cagdas/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Be grateful you live in a country with plenty of freedom, and where dissent isn’t meant with threats towards your family.

Written by David Hookstead

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