Iowa Backup Kicker Caught Up In Statewide Betting Scandal Accused Of Sweating Out Extremely Sound Financial Investment

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The University of Iowa and Iowa State University are both caught up in an ongoing betting scandal. Both schools acknowledged the issues when the investigation was first made public back in May.

The Hawkeyes were first.

The Cyclones were second.

Both universities acknowledged the statewide investigation but did not offer any further information at the time. Nobody knew exactly what the situation entailed.

Now, nearly three months later, details are starting to emerge. Iowa State quarterback Hunter Dekkers is accused of placing 26 bets on teams at his own school.

His lawyer offered a hilariously to-the-point statement on the matter. He denied the accusations made against the former four-star college football recruit in the most direct way possible.

Fair enough. Time will tell whether Dekkers is found guilty of the charges levied against him.

Meanwhile, 125 miles away at the University of Iowa, backup kicker Aaron Blom may have been doing something very similar. He is the latest athlete implicated in the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation’s probe into sports gambling.

Iowa’s kicker allegedly sweat out a very sound financial investment in 2021.

According to John Steppe of The Gazette, a publication that is based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Blom faces a criminal charge of “tampering with records.” The complaint was filed by the Johnson County Attorney’s Office on Tuesday.

Per the documents obtained by The Gazette, Blom allegedly placed approximately 170 wagers that totaled more than $4,400. Eight of them were placed on Iowa-based sporting events. And he was underage.

Blom is accused of trying to disguise his identity by using his mother’s information to place the bets. She said that her son used her information “with her consent and knowledge,” the complaint says.

Kicker Aaron Blom #1 of the Iowa Hawkeyes is congratulated by long snapper Luke Elkin #39 on September 03, 2022.
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Of Blom’s eight bets on Iowa, one in particular stands out.

He is said to have wagered on Hawkeyes football in their game against the in-state rival Cyclones. Blom allegedly hit the point total ‘Under’ of 45.

Betting on Iowa football to go ‘Under’ has been a pretty lucrative betting strategy in recent years. Its offense has been abysmal and offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz’s job security is minimal.

His contract for 2023 — the amount of money he will make — depends on points scored.

All of this goes to say that Blom’s ‘Under’ bet was a smart one.

The bet hit!

Blom allegedly wagered on the 2021 game between Iowa and Iowa State at a point total of 45.

The Hawkeyes beat the Cyclones 27-17. It was always the ‘Under.’

However, it came super close to going in the other direction.

Iowa State missed a sad field goal with 31 seconds left in the fourth quarter. Had it gone through the uprights, the ‘Under’ would have been a losing bet.

(Image via ESPN)

So while the rest of his teammates were already celebrating a win, Blom was sweating out a field goal that did not effect the outcome of the game. But it ended up hitting!

Unfortunately, despite the small win two years ago, he’s now in big trouble.

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