Iowa State Commit Howard Brown Is 6’2, 290 And A Real Problem At QB

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There’s big boy football and then there’s the big boy football being played at Lincoln Prep in Kansas City, Missouri where quarterback Howard Brown — all 6’2, 290 pounds (that’s 247’s composite on the kid, some outlets say he’s down to 275) — has bowling balled his way to a 4-2 record and a scholarship to play defensive tackle at Iowa State for Cyclones head coach Matt Campbell.

Clips of Brown scrambling and bouncing off defenders are starting to become hot viral moments as more people find out about the big boy from Kansas City running downhill on defensive backs who have to make business decisions when he’s coming at them.

“I’m going straight downfield,” Brown said during a 2019 interview. “I want you to work to take me down to the ground.”

I trust you, big guy. I have watched the recent clips, and he can throw it. During the same 2019 feature on Brown, his head coach, William Lowe, said Brown would likely graduate with 100 touchdown passes during his high school career.

Howard and the Lincoln Prep team suffered a 49-10 loss Friday night to Marysville, but they’re still 4-2 and a great story in the Kansas City area where people have taken to the city school that’s winning and doing it the right way.

Even the refs are noticing what’s going on with Brown and the Lincoln Prep team.

“Great leadership by the seniors, especially No. 9 [Howard Brown],” a ref remarked in a recent game report. “Appreciated that the ball carriers got the ball to the nearest official. Thought it was great that the players helped opponents get up and acknowledge good effort by opponents.”

If you’re in the Kansas City area and need some Friday football to keep you going until Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs handle Sundays, you need to give Howard Brown a look. Lincoln Prep might not win them all, but Brown is a fun highlight waiting to happen and all of us could use more of that in our lives these days.

You want to see Howard throw a football? Sit down before hitting play,  you might faint.

You want to see what Howard can do along the defensive line? Here you go:

Written by Joe Kinsey

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