Gender Lies About Girls And Women Now Go Far Beyond Sports | Erika Sanzi

Boys keep winning the girls' events in track and field. Female athletes are losing opportunities to qualify and to win as they watch their male peers, who identify as female, blow past them in races and win meets. This past season, we saw five males who identify as female win state titles in Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Oregon and Washington. No matter how many times we hear from gender activists and even elected officials in the Democratic party that "this isn’t happening," when we see post-pubescent males standing atop the podium to receive their medal for winning a girls' event, we know that it clearly is happening. 

These boys who identify as girls did not violate the rules — all of them competed within state policies that explicitly allow natal males to enter the girls’ events based on their self-declared gender identity. According to the Independent Council on Women’s Sports, or ICONS, at least three other male-born athletes didn’t win but competed at the girls’ track-and-field championships in Connecticut, Hawaii and Washington.

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In April of 2023, The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act passed in the House of Representatives without a single vote from the Democrats. 

This disgraceful and ideology-driven shift toward diminishing and quite literally erasing girls and women from their own spaces is not unique to athletics. Gender self-identification — and the rights and privileges that come with it in many states — have been embraced by countless school districts and interscholastic organizations. We see males self-identifying into locker rooms, bathrooms and hotel rooms on overnight school trips. 

But it even goes beyond that.

We have all agreed forever that it makes sense to refer to "girls" and "women" and "feminine hygiene" when discussing menstruation, more commonly referred to as "periods." Welp, the Cherry Creek School District in Colorado disagrees. As far as they are concerned, gendered language is not appropriate when discussing the menstrual cycle. No, I’m not kidding. The Wellness page of the school district’s website, features a graphic stating that when having conversations about periods, the words "women" or "girls" should be replaced with words and phrases such as "people with periods," "menstruators," and "people who menstruate." 

We aren’t only erasing girls from their own podiums in scholastic athletic competition, we are removing them from their own basic biology, in writing, in their institutions of learning. Cherry Creek Schools chose to partner with an organization called "Aunt Flow" — no, I’m not kidding — and publish their materials in an effort to influence and control the speech of students and staff. Aunt Flow never uses the words "girls" or "women" in their advocacy — they refer to "people who menstruate" in all of their materials. Sorry girls! Looks like we are taking periods away from you too. 

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Cherry Creek isn’t alone. Tulsa Public Schools has also partnered with — and paid! — Aunt Flow. According to the website, they also have a presence at Ohio State, Kansas State and the New York Institute of Technology and work with companies like Patagonia and State Farm. 

This madness is how we’ve ended up with tampon dispensers in boys’ bathrooms — and, predictably, the destruction of said dispensers by the boys. Under the increasingly meaningless umbrella of ‘inclusion,’ schools are telling students to believe lies. They are being forced to play pretend IN A SCHOOL with adults who don’t accept that menstruation is unique to girls and women. 

When schools have fallen so far into gender madness that they actively teach pseudoscience and deny the biology of the female body, it’s fair to say that they have jumped the shark. Denying female athletes their place on the podium and coercing students and school staff to refer to girls as "menstruators" and "people with periods" are fruits of the same poisonous tree: it is time to eradicate all of it, root and branch.

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Erika Sanzi is a mom of three teenage boys, a former educator, former school board member and a long time education advocate. She is currently the director of outreach at Parents Defending Education (founded in 2021) whose mission is to get activism and ideology out of classrooms and the free exchange of ideas back into them.