Iowa State Athletic Director Can’t Wait For Texas To Leave Big-12 For SEC And Take Longhorn Network With It

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Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard has had enough of the Longhorn Network and can’t wait for Texas to leave the Big-12. He made that abundantly clear during a recent interview with 365 Sports.

Cyclones men’s basketball, ranked No. 23 in the country, traveled to Austin on Tuesday night for a game against the No. 8-ranked Longhorns. However, despite the top-25 matchup carrying a lot of viewing interest for those in Ames, and college basketball fans across the country, it was not broadcast on national television.

The game, between two highly-ranked teams, was aired only on the Longhorn Network. Nowhere else.

In the end, it may have been better that Iowa State fans were unable to watch their team lost by 18, but it would have been nice to have the option! Pollard certainly thinks so.

As things stand, Texas and Oklahoma are set to leave for the SEC in 2024 after reaching an agreement with the Big-12. When that happens, the Longhorn Network will cease operations.

Considering that the Big-12 Conference does not have a television network of its own. Thus, when Texas joins the SEC, crucial Big-12 games will not have anywhere to air but a nationally televised network.

Where Tuesday night’s game was not accessible nationwide, a game between No. 23 and No. 8 would likely be televised on one of the ESPN or FOX networks. Those in Iowa would not have to follow along on their phones or pay up for a subscription to the Longhorn Network because it would be available to a national audience.

Pollard, who has been subject to the Longhorn Network since it was born in 2011, has had enough. He doesn’t care anymore. He can’t wait for Texas to pack its bags and get out. Can you blame him?

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