Unbelievable Breakdown Shows How Much Money Iowa Football Is Wasting For OC Brian Ferentz To Do Absolutely Nothing

Iowa offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz still has a job, somehow. The Hawkeyes offense has been absolutely abysmal, but because his father is the head coach, Ferentz has yet to be fired.

The amount of money that Iowa football is spending for Brian Ferentz to do absolutely nothing is baffling.

Iowa football is 3-3, which could be and probably should be worse.

During that timeframe, however, there is nothing positive to point to offensively. Nothing.

Brian Ferentz has made a ton of money with no success.
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The Hawkeyes sit 131st in the country in regard to total offense. There are only 131 FBS programs. They are dead last in total offense.

Passing wise, it gets better. They are only 120th! There are 11 teams who are worse at throwing the ball.

Rushing wise, it is slightly better. They are 127th, so four teams run the ball less effectively.

But when you combine the two rankings, Iowa football has the worst offense in the country.

At the forefront of the offense, of course, is the quarterback. Spencer Petras, a fifth-year senior, is also dead last in offensive efficiency. When asked whether it might be worth benching Petras in favor of, well, literally anyone else, Ferentz was baffled.

And while most, if not all, Hawkeyes fans want him fired, Ferentz continues to stay employed and refuses to resign. A large part of his unwillingness to resign may stem from how much he is being paid.

It is basically highway robbery. When you breakdown Ferentz’s money in relation to his offense’s performance, it really puts things in perspective:

Ferentz has made approximately $450,000 through the first six games of 2022. That comes out to more than $64,000 per offensive touchdown, $5,000 per first down, $225,000 per passing touchdown, $90,000 per rushing touchdown, $300 per yard, and $1,200 per play.

Obviously, Ferentz is overpaid. He is getting big money to lead the worst offense in the nation. Why would he step down and sacrifice that salary? What a gig.

Written by Grayson Weir

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