Instagram Star Veronika Rajek’s Face Makes Miraculous Recovery After Nasty e-Scooter Accident

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That was fast.

International Instagram superstar Veronika Rajek, who has made all sorts of headlines on U.S. soil for her love of Tom Brady and numerous other tabloid headline-grabbing moments, is officially all healed up after a nasty e-scooter crash in Italy.

This week, Rajek, who is working this summer as a Tour de France influencer, announced the accident had knocked out two of her teeth and her face had been battered by the crash, but the Slovakian stunner made a shocking announcement Thursday morning — HER FACE IS BACK.

Yes, that was FAST AF. Let this be a lesson to all the D-list Instagram influencers — you don’t heal as fast as the A-listers and you don’t have the dentists at your disposal like the Rajeks of the world who have 5 million-plus followers and dentists lining up at their doors to fix e-scooter crash teeth.

Rajek’s face earlier this week:

Rajek’s face this morning on Instagram Story:

Veronika Rajek face fixed e-scooter accident

Wait, what happened to the cut over the upper lip? You know an Instagram D-lister would be sporting a scab for at least two weeks and then the annoying red spot once the scab falls off for another two weeks. Meanwhile, an A-lister is off the disabled list like 3-4 days after going face-first into the pavement.

Veronika hasn’t missed a beat.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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