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Welp, I think it’s official…it’s gonna be a bad summer for Bud Light

What a 2-3 day period it has been. We had Jill Biden saying how Iowa should get an invite to the White House after losing the women’s basketball tournament and then there’s this black shadow hovering over Anheuser-Busch as the company’s marketing division — it used to be Weber Shandwick when I was attending all sorts of events with Bud Light — decided the company was going full woke by hiring a tranny brand influencer.

And all the executives signed off on it because LGBTQ++**##^ is so hot right now.

The stars and stripes of Budweiser, the Clydesdales, and the summers of suckin’ down Bud Lights with the boys have been replaced by the rainbow flag. And if you don’t support all of this, you’re a bigot. You’re supposed to have rainbow beer cans at your backyard BBQ or you’re a bigot.

Do you even care about MY rights to go kick some biological female’s ass in swimming, disc golf or cycling?

A-B says hiring a dude with a five-o’clock shadow to drink Bud Lights in a bubble bath is a way to “authentically connect with audiences.”

Let’s see how that’s going.

Are you looking to boycott A-B? Good luck keeping track of the brands A-B owns/has a stake in.

Your best bet, if you’re looking for mass consumption, is to head toward Leinenkugel or Yuengling. I haven’t checked their politics lately, but I haven’t heard anything about them jumping on the tranny marketing train, so you should be good there.

How does A-B pivot from the Summer of Tranny marketing? They’ll eventually lean right back into the USA, the red white, and blue, and play off the emotions of the military. Just wait.

What’s clear is that A-B doesn’t want to be the official beer company of a lawn-mowing league.

• Jim C. in Florida writes:

Joe, I can remember when Anheuser Busch celebrated heroes in their ads.

This disgusting play for libs support demands that patriotic followers of your fine site organize boycotts of ALL A-B products.

Hitting them in the wallet is all they understand.

God save Screencaps, and President Trump.

This message from The Masters really, really hurts

• Anonymous writes from Augusta:

I sent you an e-mail the other day, trying to offer a Monday ticket, must have got caught in your spam, or lost in the mix.


I’m speechless this morning, minus that whole Bud Light thing. My ass would’ve driven the 12 hours to Augusta on 24-hour notice. I’m numb right now. I was that close to finally realizing my first taste of the Masters.

I have to stay strong through this difficult time.

BTW, Anonymous (who has a rather decent job at Augusta National) sent me some photos to show us all how the course is looking. Spoiler: It looks amazing.

• Bart P. writes:

Hi, Joe. Long time reader here and really love your stuff.

I’ve lived in Augusta less than a mile from ANGC for 13 years now and want to add a little color to life outside of the tournament.

The Mrs. and I drove past Hooters on Washington Road (1/4 mile west of ANGC) yesterday evening and saw their marquee, “John Daly All Week.” I appreciate Hooters keeping things real during tournament week!

Indianapolis Children’s Museum reactions to my reaction of visiting the museum

• Mike C. writes:

Joe, didn’t get to Caps until late this evening. Love the write-up about the museum. It’s been an awesome place for our kids (who are in their 20s now). One even did an internship there for a semester. He loved the outdoor park. I’ve tried getting friends and family to come. There’s a reason it’s the #1 children’s museum in the country

• Chris B. from Florida writes:

Can I brag on my late great dad for a minute? He was in charge of PR for one of the great old Indianapolis companies when I was a kid (sadly, the company was absorbed by private equity a few years after this), and among his projects was spearheading the funding for the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, Indianapolis Museum of Art (world-class art and music on the prairie) and the first public TV station in the market. He and my mom moved us there from LA when we were little and set about improving the cultural offerings in what was then a great place to grow up.

It’s great to see that it has thrived and expanded from what was, at the time, a very modern but smaller museum. I love the sports park complex!

• Gerard W. writes:

Hey if you go up to Rookies to the Wiffle ball field (in Wisconsin), let me know.  I can help you with an itinerary.  Lots of stuff to do in Southwest Wisconsin.  You could get the Field of Dreams, New Glarus Brewery, House on the Rock  (Trust me the kids will love the crazy-ass collection at this place) and the Wisconsin Dells all in one trip. 

Don’t forget about the City Museum in St. Louis.  Our kids loved the children’s museum in Indy but the City Museum was hands down their favorite.  


That’s high praise for the St. Louis City Museum because Indy was pretty insane. It’s interesting Gerard brought up St. Louis because on our way home from Indy I was telling my wife we might have to take the kids to see the Arch. My parents took me and my brother when I was like 5 and all I remember was…the A-B beer bottling experience.

This Seattle ice cream shop expects me to read all of that about tipping?

• Dave M. writes:

Shocking that this clown shop is in Seattle. Wokesters gonna woke.

Spring in southeastern Wisconsin

• Tom W. in Menomonee Falls, WI:

I am continuing to enjoy Screencaps: such variety of great topics! I have attached a picture of my house I actually took a month ago. You can see our visitors on the roof that help announce Spring, but there are several others that show up at almost the same time, namely Sand Hill Cranes, Red-Winged Blackbirds, and Robins. I don’t have to see the Cranes because their calling and squawking is extremely loud and unlike any other bird- very pre-historic.

Our grass is still dormant, and some of the turf is a little soft yet, so I still have time to service the mower, which is a Land Pride ZSR-54 zero radius made in Kansas. 

What I don’t do, and is actually another reason I am sending you this note, is I don’t do any work on the lawn as far as lawn care (other than watering). I pay a lawn service to take care of the fertilizing and weed control. Plus I have them aerate and overseed the lawn in the Fall. I also have them do a preventive grub control so I don’t have the Cranes putting holes in the lawn! 

Maybe there will be SC readers who are aghast at my using a lawn service, but I like the convenience as well as the safety of their knowing exactly what they can apply to the lawn since we are right next to a wetlands, and no way do I want to cause damage.

One last thought; I know I have been rambling a little, but my lawn service also recommends mowing the grass very short on the last mow before winter, which will discourage voles from being a problem (yes I said VOLES, not moles). I have no suggestions about moles.


Tom, have no fear, I guarantee you there are thousands of TNML members who hire out their fertilizing and weed control.

The last thing I want out of this league is for it to think it’s filled with elites. The minute that happens is the minute the league will need a new commissioner. TNML is for the regular guy out there who takes pride in his property and community. As long as I’m in charge that’s exactly how we’ll operate.

Having fun with the UPS driver

• Harvey D. is back:

Yep, I am of that age…. The poop-in-a-box test. Beats them running a camera up there and finding my head. I digress. Yes, I believe a box of dung needs to make the friendly UPS driver just shake his head when he stops for the pickup. Juvenile sense of humor makes the world go round and suck less! 

Still giggling when they say Unit!

March accomplishments

• Warren M. in Florida writes:

March accomplishment: I ran the Skyway 10K race over the Skyway Bridge that links Bradenton and St. Pete, Florida (Indy Daryl should check it out). Very patriotic race and you get in via a lottery. I ran it in 2020 and loved it, and this year was incredible, too. The FHP Trooper who saved runners last year was there. I got to thank her at the finish line. She’s a true hero!

Here’s info about the race:

And Trooper Toni:

That’s it for the first Tuesday in April.

Don’t forget to download the Masters app to use at work!


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