Instagram Slaps CDC Vax Label On Danica Patrick’s Photo For Attending JP Sears Comedy Show

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It’s safe to say Danica Patrick won’t be doing any of those celebrity vax commercials for Pfizer in the future.

The retired race car driver spent her Thursday night catching conservative YouTube hero/comedian JP Sears’ comedy show and now she’s officially entered the crosshairs of Big Vax. It didn’t take long before the woke Instagram Big Vax bots were slapping a CDC label on her photos from the night of comedy.

Patrick simply posted a photo gallery featuring a lead image of her parents with Sears in his “Pfreedom, Safe & Effective” shirt and that immediately sent up red flags within Big Vax.

“Pfreedom to laugh is safe and effective! 😜,” the former NASCAR racer wrote in her caption.

And just like that, the Instagram Big Vax movement would like to have a word with this woman for going to a comedy show.

Now, Danica didn’t tell people to not get a booster. She didn’t tell people what to think. She didn’t advise people how to handle their own health. She simply went to a comedy show and posted about it.

This brings up the question of how Instagram Big Vax even knew the content of the post. Do they have JP Sears’ face built into the algorithm and it sets off the warning label every single time he shows up? Is his Pfreedom shirt in the Big Vax database, which then sets off warning alarms?

Is there an Instagram Big Vax complaint hotline on the social media app that I don’t know about where users can complain that they were triggered because Danica hung out with a comedian?

Needless to say, Danica’s fans were furious with Mark Zuckerberg’s minions for slapping the label on Danica’s post.

“The fact that IG put a CDC vaccine info label/link on this post is ridiculous. Absolute cronyism/corporatism 👎🏼,” one fan wrote.

“A CDC label because of a comedian wearing a t-shirt. Sad,” wrote another.

Meanwhile, on a TV or social media channel near you, there’s currently a Pfizer commercial running featuring the advice of Pink, an asthma sufferer who started smoking a pack of cigs per day at 13, telling people to think about getting the booster.

Yeah, that’s who I’m going to trust.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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