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I want to hear how you guys celebrated freedom this year

Enough about me and how I spent the last few days celebrating the 4th of July weekend. Let’s hear some of the fun stuff you guys came up with. I know many of you went boating. I know many of you sat by a grill and pumped red meat into your system. I know you crushed microbrews like the microbrew industry is about to go out of business and you need to hammer every last shandy on the market.

What were some of the unique things that went on out there in society over the break? Reader Matt W. emailed me this video on Monday with the Thursday Night Mowing League clearly on his brain.

This is the type of stuff I think the rest of America wants to see. How do I know? All I have to do is listen to conversations going on while drinking patio beers around the neighborhood. All I have to do is listen to the way people talk while sitting along the river awaiting fireworks. There is a huge desire to see this country at its best after several consecutive years of being told how horrible America is.

Show us how great it is out there in your part of the world. The mowing league was the first step, but I feel there’s way more good stuff like the synchronized mowing team going on out there. It could be the farmer down the road painting a massive American flag on the side of his barn. It could be a dog fetching beers out of coolers on the beach. Try me. Let’s see what we come up with.


• Let’s talk lumber real fast. I had to stop into Lowe’s for zip ties and that allowed me to see if the 2X4 prices have come down. Negative. At $8.48 per board, it doesn’t appear that the lower lumber prices have officially hit this part of Ohio. According to Fox Business, lumber prices topped out on May 7 and fell 22% through the end of the May. I’m staying in hunker down mode until those bad boys get way more reasonable than $8.48.

• My wife and I took the kids to one of our favorite bars Monday for a lunch and it was a mess with staffing. There were two waitresses for a place packed with people tired of grilling at home. One waitress was flat-out running customers out of the building by telling them the wait would be super long because of lack of staffing. That said, I’m becoming a fan of the ordering method I saw up in Gaylord, MI. Let’s just order at the bar, get an order number to place on the table and then someone from the back brings out the food. Can’t hire enough waitresses? Take your staff, leave them up at the counter and disperse them with food and drinks when needed.

• Guys, it’s July and my Cincinnati Reds are competitive. They’re about to suck me into spending the rest of the summer watching baseball on the patio and then they’ll rip out my heart in the playoffs. Keep in mind the Reds haven’t won a playoff series since 1995, and the Bengals haven’t won a playoff game since January 6, 1991. This is the type of misery I’m up against when the Reds do this to me. That’s why I have commitment issues this time of year.

• Are you ready for an Elon Musk tunnel system in Fort Lauderdale? The loop would connect downtown and the beach. Here I thought Florida was one giant sandbar. You’re damn right I’ll watch the documentary on this thing if they indeed go through with the construction process.

• I know you’re worn out. Let’s go out there and attack this short week and get back into weekend mode. Have a great one out there today and send in those random acts of America you see out there in your part of the world.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

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