Instagram Models Celebrate Freedom, Jeff Darlington’s Dad Is A Treasure & Mitchell Trubisky Gets Married

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Finger check!

Random thoughts this morning because my head is still spinning from a holiday weekend…

…you guys all good with the scrolling finger this morning? Hopefully, we’re all still intact this morning after blowing off those fireworks, operating the grills, cutting vegetables, etc. Am I worn out after multiple late nights this weekend celebrating freedom? You’re damn right I am, but I know you guys will soon be waking up and looking for a flaming hot edition of Screencaps, so I got up at the crack of dawn to start pumping out a 4th of July post.

• Did I leave a neighborhood patio party early to make sure I got some sleep to keep a normal schedule this week? You’re damn right I did. I could’ve stayed up until 2 in the morning suckin’ down freedom beers, but then my Monday morning would’ve been completely wrecked.

• On a scale of 1-to-suck-it-coronabros, how great was it to see a fireworks show with thousands of others? Saturday night, we went down to the river here in Utopia, Ohio to sit along the banks near where, in 1813, the U.S. government ordered a fort built to kick British ass. In fact, Saturday’s fireworks were shot over the Maumee River at the spot where the British tried — twice — to defeat the USA, but it was futile.

• There’s something about how 4th of July Pandora sounds on 4th of July weekend. I don’t listen to too much Alabama because I have to hear too much of it in the fall when Bama’s on CBS for three straight months, but there was something about “Song of the South” pumping through my little Bluetooth speaker over the 4th.

• Jeff Maaske writes via email:

Hey Joe,

Love the content and the TNML!  I’ve got a nomination for Team TNML, my son Zack.  Big Z as we call him is a freshman TE at D2 Tusculum College in TN.  He loves playing TE but didn’t get to play that position in HS much at all because he was teammates with Jake Briningstool (remember that name, he’s at Clemson and will do big things the next 4 years), anyway Z kept grinding and played DE and some LB his senior year in HS.  He showed up at Tusculum’s camp in December as a kid nobody knew.  He wowed ’em and they offered him the next week.  He just wants to play and being D2 instead of D1 makes zero difference to him.  He is just the kind of guy you’re looking for, a tenacious, catch-a-pass-over-the-middle grinder.  He’s 6’3″ about 235, so he’s built for that stuff.  So yeah, we’re a little proud of him, but I think he’d be a perfect fit for OutKick!

I’ve included a pic of him deadlifting 375 a week or 2 ago so you know what you’re getting.  Sign him up or no, either way we love what y’all are doing at OutKick.  Keep it up!

TNML Commissioner’s response:

This is exactly what I like to see out of the Morning Screencaps/TNML community. Here’s a dad who knows what we’re building from the ground up, and he thinks his son fits perfectly into the community as an athlete who can represent the brand. Now, I’m sure Jeff’s had Big Z mowing the yard at an early age, grinding away on Thursdays in between gym sessions.

At this point, I can tell the Screencaps/TNML guys who have trained their kids for the battles that are coming in life. Jeff’s not reaching out unless he thinks his son has been trained for this moment.

That said, I’m going to need Zack to show us that he’s about that TNML life. We need to see if he’s a five-tool guy off the field. Can he mow-edge-trim-hedge-plant? What’s his mowing get-off speed? Can he work a mic? Jeff knows these types of opportunities don’t come along very often for an incoming college freshman. Now it’s up to Zack to show us he’s ready for the big show.

• Enjoy that day off work and the recovery process. Summer’s almost over around here. The Steelers and Cowboys open camp July 21 and play in the Hall of Fame game on August 5.

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Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

Kinsey graduated from University of Toledo.


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