Instagram Model Veronika Rajek Makes Her Super Bowl Pick With A Tube Top

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Super Bowl week is behind us, kickoff is just a day away, and most people have decided which team they’re going to be rooting for. If there’s anyone out there still undecided, maybe Veronika Rajek can help you decide.

The Instagram star dropped her Super Bowl pick on social media with a tube top and miniskirt. There wasn’t much fabric to her outfit, but what was there was green and white. That’s right, she’s going with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Veronika said as she posed in the mirror, “Thanks to this outfit, you should know who is my pick for the champ of this Super Bowl season.”

She asked for her followers to let her know who they were rooting for, although their pick wasn’t going to sway her any. She said, “Let me know yours, even though I will be still cheering for the Eagles.”

Veronika Rajek Super Bowl Pick
Instagram star makes her Super Bowl pick (Image Credit: Veronika Rajek/Instagram)
Veronika Rajek Super Bowl Pick
She’s clearly going with the Eagles (Image Credit: Veronika Rajek/Instagram)

Veronika isn’t the first blonde social media influencer to pick the Eagles. Paige Spiranac also picked Philadelphia.

She took things a step further and offered up something for everyone in the form of “shakes” for Eagles touchdowns.

I don’t know if some of social media’s finest hopping on the Philly bandwagon is a good thing or not. We will find out soon enough.

Veronika Rajek Might Have A Future As A Sports Influencer

If you were hoping to have the Instagram model with the internet’s most dangerous body show up at you Super Bowl party there are some things she requires in order to show up. Here’s her list of requirements in order to enjoy the year’s biggest game:

  1. Good TV
  2. Chips
  3. Coca-Cola
  4. Some superstar sitting near her – Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski or Joe Burrow
  5. Friends

Seems like a reasonable list, minus the superstar showing up. Good luck scrambling around to put that part together at the last minute. It’s something to keep in mind for next year. Until then, go Eagles!

Written by Sean Joseph

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