Instagram Model Once Offered $1 Million For Sex Pours Milk On Herself For Thirsty Followers

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Instagram model Jenna Lee isn’t just any content creator. The Texas native with more than 2.2 million followers alone on Instagram has had an interesting run during her time making content.

Lee, like many other successful Instagram models, has taken her talents behind a paywall and cashed in on her large following. But here is where she separates herself from almost everyone else. She’s used her content income to help others.

During the pandemic Lee played the role of hero by paying the rent of two of her followers, who as single parents, were struggling to make ends meet. One a mother of two, the other a father of four received an unspecified amount of money to cover their rent payments.

Always one to help out her followers, she was hard at work recently making content for the thirsty among them. Lee put on a bikini, braved the Texas heat, then poured milk on herself.

She shared several pictures from the content session while promising a video if those thirsty followers could follow some simple instructions.

Lee’s followers must have been able to follow along, because as promised, shortly after the pictures were dropped the video followed.

She captioned the clip, “Did someone order milk with their coffee? I’m sorry we have just ran out you’ll have to take your coffee black. Feeling like a lil buttermilk biscuit.”

There’s Never A Dull Moment For This Instagram Model

As with any large group of people there might be a few characters mixed in. A few guys with some bizarre requests or maybe even a rich guy or two looking to unload some of his cash in exchange for some alone time.

Lee’s following is no different. Last year she revealed that a billionaire, who was in the hedge fund business, offered her money for sex.

She said he started out with an offer of $10,000 before repeatedly increasing the offer until it reach $1 million. The Instagram model did not take him up on the offer.

“I’ve had guys offer me a f*ck ton of money,” she said during an appearance on the podcast Inside OnlyFans last April. “He was in hedge funds, so he had billions, and I was really young and insecure so I would never have had sex with this man, I think I was just f*cking around to see where it would go.”

“He had his lawyer write up a contract for me for $1 million to f*ck him. This went back and forward for months, though,” she continued. “But I thought to myself, if someone would pay that, I feel he will murder me when I’m there.”

I can’t find any flaws in that argument. Jenna Lee’s thirsty followers are certainly grateful that she didn’t accept the offer and end up getting murdered. Especially when there’s plenty of milk related content yet to be made.

Written by Sean Joseph

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