Instagram Model: ‘I’ve Given Deshaun Massages’ & It Never Got Weird

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While sexual assault allegation lawsuits pile up against Deshaun Watson, his case took a turn Friday when an Instagram model named @LovelyLaaLaaa, who calls herself a “West Coast professional nightlife enthusiast,” fired off a tweet saying she’s had encounters with the Houston Texans quarterback and things never got weird.

“I can say this, I’ve given Deshaun Watson several massages, an not once did it turn sexual or he become aroused. Always professional and great conversations,” Lala tweeted.

This appears to be the first possible character witness to step forward to say that Watson doesn’t try to flop his penis into the hands of massage therapists. Watson has retained bulldog attorney Rusty Hardin to defend him against bulldog trial lawyer Tony Buzbee who’s had one helluva career himself. This is figuring to be the showdown of the year in Texas civil court. Hardin represented Roger Clemens and got the pitcher off perjury charges stemming from testimony in front of Congress. He’s also represented the likes of Joel Osteen’s wife in a civil lawsuit by a flight attendant. Hardin also defended the estate of Texas millionaire J. Howard Marshall against Anna Nicole Smith back in the day.

Would Hardin bring Lala forward to testify that Watson never got erect during one of their massage sessions? I’m no lawyer, but nothing would surprise me here. If Lala needs to testify that Watson never flopped his dong into her hands then it appears she’s completely ready.


Written by Joe Kinsey

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    • If this all turns out to be BS there better be a shit ton of crow eating on these boards. Lots of folks seem to be more #metoo than caring about facts. Remember when many people took the George Floyd narrative at face value? Then later it comes out that the story was just a bit more complex than him being ‘killed by a cop in cold blood’….

      • Get off your high horse FVW. I was just making light of the situation. I’m in the corner of innocent until proven guilty, but I also could care less about the outcome. I want the truth. I, like you and many other VIP”s here on Outkick, chime in on quite a few stories. If you’ve ever read any of my takes, I’m just honest and feel free to give my own opinions. I could give 2 shits if anyone agrees/disagrees with them.

  1. Did Watson end up forcing himself on any of these women? If not, what are we really talking about here? Assuming he actually did what he did, he just made passes at these women. Are we going to ruin his life for trying to get laid? He already got turned down all these times, while naked. Isn’t that embarrassing enough?

  2. As a fellow human to DeShaun, i hope he’s innocent, that would mean that he’s not a criminal thinking he can get away with things because hes rich…as a Colts fan I nothing him…as an American in the weirdest times ever, the reactions to this with all its spokes is just incredible..if only we lived in a time of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ or if you’re going to accuse a guy of something then provide evidence…

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