Instagram Model Claims She’s So Hot She Makes Men Cry

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There are a lot of bold claims made on Instagram these days. I get it, everyone is looking for a way to standout in a sea of seemingly never-ending content.

So when I came across an Instagram model claiming that she was so hot she makes men cry, I had to do a little investigating. Her name is Sara Allaby and she’s a Fashion Nova Curve Ambassador with 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

Okay, so right off the bat we’re not dealing with someone attempting to build a brand here. This Canadian plus-size model has a large enough following and what appears to be more than one brand deal.

While I have to admit, I don’t exactly know what being so hot men cry means I have to get to the bottom of it. So I headed over to Sara’s Instagram page, Shopping Bag Sara, to do some hard hitting investigative work.

As soon as you hit the page there are a few things you notice right away. Sara’s a blonde, she’s on the bigger side – not Lizzo big or anything like that – and she loves revealing clothes. I’m talking see-through clothes, bikinis, and ill-fitting tops. The wardrobe of an Instagram model trying to catch some eyes.

The next thing you notice are the captions on her posts. This is where I found a line that kind of references being so hot that men cry.

The caption of one of her posts from a few months ago reads, “If you’re not crying and sliding down the wall in slow motion when I leave you on delivered I don’t want it.”

Instagram Model Sara Allaby Is Entertaining

Is it a stretch to turn that caption into a headline that says she claims to be so hot she makes men cry? It’s no more of a stretch than what her clothing does at times to keep enough of her covered up so she doesn’t violate the social media platforms terms and conditions.

Have men actually cried because of how hot she is or slid down the wall in slow motion while shedding tears because she isn’t responded to their messages? Anything is possible.

I have to say after reading a couple of her captions that what she claims in her bio “You will accidentally love it here” is definitely true.

Captions like this, “The only people I’m jealous of is the women that stay home and their man pays ALL their bills… You other ones…NO…”

And this one, “Asking twice is too close to begging so imma just get my other dude to do it” are hilarious.

So in conclusion, if you’re into plus-size blonde Instagram models then Sara Allaby might be for you. Just be careful, she’s out to hurt feelings and you might get burned if you get to close to the sun.

Written by Sean Joseph

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