Instagram Model Causes A Scene At The Movies By Wearing A Dress That Reveals She Doesn’t Have Anything Else On

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If you’re going out to a movie theater only to watch one of the latest movies to hit the big screen then you might be selling yourself short. Going out to the theater is also an opportunity for you to be seen.

Just ask Instagram model Indi Jung. The influencer has no problem with all eyes being on her and took full advantage of her opportunity to be seen when she went out to the theater recently.

Indi wore a tight black dress that was completely open on the side and revealed that she didn’t having anything else on under her daring look. She was dressed to cause a scene and cause a scene is exactly what she did.

Although, it doesn’t appear as if much of a scene was caused during her actual visit to the theater. At least not in the clip of her that made its way on to social media. She’s all alone in the short video standing at the theater’s concessions.

Indi appears to know that the camera is pointed in her direction. Without really acknowledging it she goes about her business. Was she there seeing Barbie or Oppenheimer? It’s nearly impossible to tell.

The scene was caused on Twitter where two versions of the video popped up. Between them the two clips have more than 35 million views and thousands of comments.

Instagram Model Indi Jung Knows How To Get Herself Some Attention

If you thought there were more important things to debate on social media than what a woman wore to a movie theater you don’t know social media. People had plenty of opinions to share on the look.

Everything from “This should be illegal” to someone who couldn’t stop hate watching it showed up in the comments, “I watched this 400 times and each time I became more outraged.”

These are obviously people you don’t want to hangout with. There were, of course, the more sane and rational people in comments as well. You know the people who didn’t have a problem with the dress.

The ones who understand that if it’s good enough for your Instagram feed, then it’s good enough for the concessions at the movie theater too.

Written by Sean Joseph

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