Instagram Legend Hilde Osland Is Fired Up For College Football, Vols Fans Are Fired Up & Yankees Fans Are Fighting

This is what I love to see from OutKick

When I started at OutKick on June 1, 2020 there were like 6-7 people on the first phone call after Clay’s site reboot. That was the entire company. There are three of us remaining: Clay, Bobby Burack, and myself. Eventually, Fox News Corp. came along in the spring of 2021 and purchased the operation. Now here we are with like 50 people working for the OutKick brand. It might be more.

At some point in August, I lost track of the new hires. My head was spinning.

Hayley Caronia was one of those hires and Friday night was her official coming-out party for the brand. Yes, she gave us a report from the U.S. Open earlier this month, but Friday night outside Yankee Stadium was the moment Hayley arrived.

I want Yankees fans on record joking (?) that they’d murder a family of four for Aaron Judge’s No. 61 home run ball.

And then Hayley delivered that fan on video.

What should I do with random beers left by friends?

• Mike E. in Minnesota writes:

This is a question regarding your garage fridge from this morning’s Screencaps. 

What do you and everyone else do about the rando weird drinks people leave at your house?

Obviously, you and I leave them in the fridge hoping someone someday drinks them. 

Attached is my fridge.  You can see 5 random gross things in the back.  Been there for at least a year. 

Are we supposed to just throw out unused alcohol beverages after a certain amount of time?  Do you open them and drain them then recycle? 

Curious what your plan is with yours…..

This was addressed back in the fall when my buddy Diesel did a massive garage fridge cleanout. He threw away all the singles and the Screencaps BBQ Gang Gang went into full attack mode over such a moment. They swear by using your singles to soak beer brats.

There are probably 30 other uses the BBQ Gang Gang can tell you more about, but it’s pretty much illegal to talk about trashing your random singles so I recommend treading lightly on that topic.

Screencaps BBQ Gang Gang…give Mike some other uses during the cooking process for his leftover beers.


Music while working from home

• Jeff B. in Colorado writes:

Regarding Indy Daryl’s question: “Random Question for fellow WFH folks: what’s the setup? Does anyone else listen to music most of the day? Podcasts? Just quiet?”

Almost everyone (~ 1,000 staff) at our company works from home.  My setup: Desk that faces a wall, cannot see the TV (one bedroom apartment, so my “office” is my living room).  Music on random, via Alexa.  “Alexa, shuffle songs from Steely Dan”, no podcasts or anything else that would require thought.  Focus on the work, usually done in 5-6 hours. 

Key for me is to treat it like going to an office: Wake up at 0500, get a few miles on the treadmill, shower, put on office-suitable clothing like khakis and a polo, etc.   The folks who sit on the sofa, laptop on their lap, still in their pajamas, with the TV on are the ones that wash out fast.  

The war over Cris Collinsworth intensifies

• Jeff B. in Anoka, MN IS BACK and firing his own missiles at Bill in Chicago!

A little about myself, yes I am youngish for the screencaps community. I am 35, so I was born in 1986 when you stopped playing football. I played football from age 12-23, finishing in fall of 2009. 

Regarding my knowledge of the game before today’s game, I prefer that game compared to the current game.  I have not watched the NFL since 2016. I like or liked violent football. I still like college football. I follow it closely. In regards to Chris Collinsworth’s NFL career, I was being metaphorical, I know that he played football. I am shocked to hear that he was that successful. I’m especially surprised to hear that he played for 8 years because he is a pencil-neck dweeb. He always thinks the defender is wrong. Everything is a penalty against the defense. He is fine with all the nonsensical calls. That’s enough about CC, he’s just a typical pedantic analyst paid to state the obvious. 

My top quarterback list:

  1. Johnny Unitas, his record of many consecutive games with a touchdown pass when very few teams threw is quite impressive. Plus, he played real football when quarterbacks were hit. 
  2. Brett Favre, the last football player to play quarterback. 
  3.  Joe Montana.

Other before my time QBs before my time that I like: Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman, Bart Starr, and Fran Tarkenton. 

No current or recent quarterbacks make my list because there should be a huge * near their records because the current rules are for scoring points.  Gone are the days in which an inaccurate pass would result in the receiver being decapitated, like Steve Largent for instance. Gone are the days where QBs had to be tough. The fact that a 45-year-old vegan (TB12) can play in the NFL is an indictment on the game.

Lastly, the best football player of all time is Dick Butkus in my opinion. Nobody embodied the game better, played or pursued harder, or was tougher.  

All of the above references are before my time. 

Thanks for publishing my email. Another thanks to Bill for the response.  

Hopefully, my QB list or top player statement can start another debate. Let’s keep the QB entries before 1999 please. Greatest FB player of all time should not be a QB or a kicker. 

To be fair, Screencaps has been trending towards the 35-year-old mark the last six months. I think dads are bringing their sons into the fold by texting them this column, which is a brilliant idea. Texting with your son dissecting Screencaps is the greatest gift I can give to fathers and sons. It truly is a column that can bring generations together.

If you’re not already doing it, show your sons you haven’t lost a step. Tell them you saw Hilde in Saturday Screencaps.

The state of tipping

• John in South Dakota writes:

I agree that counter-ordered and take-out tipping is a bit out of control; especially when they preset the minimum to start at 18% on the card reader. With that said, if you can afford $19 wings, throwing two bucks to the guy isn’t going to break the bank for you. Keep in mind how many people worked their butts off to keep this country fed during the height of COVID. I thanked many Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, and In-N-Out workers just for being there and working through the pandemic.

• Danny W. writes:

I’m suffering the side effects of too many adult spirits while catching up on screencaps. As usual, the content is A+. While playing pull tabs Friday afternoon, I ran into a bit of a pickle by not tipping the babe who picks the tabs.

In my defense, she doesn’t really do anything except take our money, do some division, and hands us a stack of cardboard that mostly ends up being a tax write-off for gambling losses. After “investing” $300 my friends and I were lucky enough to pull a $200 hitter. We took a bit of cash and “reinvested” most of it without tipping. The tab babe hated me the rest of the afternoon for my transgression.

Why should I tip the girl for helping me “donate” $100 to the local hockey program? And as far as Micro vs Macro Brew, I’ll drink anything with alcohol which includes Coors Light, IPAs, Stouts, Vodka, Whiskey, or those seltzers that give me heartburn. #tums #Prilosec

Pull tabs? Now we’re talking! That’s some real degenerate behavior and I 100% approve of it. Hey Danny, ever been to a scratch-off party?

Random thoughts from Minnesota

• I’m not sure what’s up with Minnesota this week, but it feels like there’s been a huge run by the Minnesota contingent. It must be the weather changing.

Shane B. in Minneapolis writes:

Good Morning Joe!

And not the idiots on CNN. I still think we need an intern for you tracking the IG model trajectory post Screencaps appearance so we can start the NIL branding for screencaps knowing our communities full value. Wow, the beer subject was a little touchy! On that topic I am not a huge beer guy but surrounded by beer people who now remind me of wine drinkers talking about and discussing the beer with a shirt that fit several craft beers ago. Some thoughts…..

Who can drink 30 of anything the same?

Does any region in ND need the descriptor of “remote” or is that that implied with ND?  

Did they scroll down and review the Oktoberfest photos and ask themselves, is that a craft beer or a macro beer she’s holding? To that I answer. She was holding a beer?

And with that, I have to haul ass over to the soccer fields. It’s another doubleheader Saturday. Remember, the matches end by noon and the rest of the day is free and clear, but Mrs. Screencaps has designated this as apple-picking day. You know how this goes: stay focused on the family while thinking about those college football beers for the second-half of Florida-Tennessee and then Wisconsin-Ohio State.

Have a great day and a great weekend.


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I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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