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Hot topics from the email inbox

  • It turns out we have emailers that have an issue with the Ben-Gals in Friday’s edition of Screencaps. Thank god none of them that I saw had a Hilde-esque bellly button or the inbox really would’ve gone nuts.
  • Drew wanted to know if Twitter has “been bombarding your feed too with tweets from leftist loon accounts that you would never follow?” I haven’t had this experience, but to be honest, my eyes are constantly scanning for visual content. If it’s not a photo or a video, there’s a good chance I’m passing it over. I don’t have enough time in my day to get sucked into too many Twitter beefs within the political world. That said, it’s not a shock if you are having the same experience as Drew.
  • Louie in Savannah noticed how ESPN wasted no time dumping out its fake outrage over the Tua situation. “You truly are a prophet. Lol. I just finished Screencaps where you said the blue check journos would be losing their minds with hot takes about Tua being irresponsibly put in harm’s way and what do I see on the tv in the office breakroom…The talking heads on ESPN are furious!!!!!

Woodpiles is the topic I didn’t think would fly, but it turns out wood is serious business with this community

Again, I didn’t expect woodpiles to turn into a hot topic, but here we are. This column is absolutely the Heartbeat of America. Sorry, Chevrolet, we’re taking that tagline. There isn’t a corner of this country this column doesn’t reach. Hey brands, want to reach tens of thousands of readers each day who spend huge money on a variety of items, including firewood? Let’s talk.

By the way, to put this in perspective, this single column has more circulation than some mid-major newspapers had during their heyday. I’m beyond proud of what we’re accomplishing here.

Anyway, back to woodpiles.

• Mike S. in Ashland, MO writes:

I burn 6 or 7 cords per year. I stack mine on my concrete patio, criss cross same size split pieces on the ends to hold the stack, and stack in the basement on pallets where it can dry for a few days before burning if it’s wet. Tried tarping years ago but as someone stated earlier the tarp gets sliced when you take it on and off. A good canvas tarp is required or you will need a new one quickly. Big fan of cleaning my flu, at least 3 times per year, more if my wood’s a little green. Love Screencaps! Best content out there.

Wood stacking – Bark up or down?

• Will G. writes:

I’ve got another layer to add to your wood pile topic.  Have you seen how crazy Norway is about wood stacking?  Check out the article from 2013 that blew me away.  Do you stack your wood bark up or down? 

Now that’s a debate! 

I’ve never even thought of such a debate. It looks like Mike S. in Missouri is a bark up guy and it looks like he’s done this wood stacking thing for a few years so I’m going with bark up.

• Jack from Michigan writes:

Every October!  This is my 93 yr old father-in-law in NW Michigan proudly showing off his pile.  He and his bride heat their home powered by a wood boiler.  When wood arrives already split and dumped on the driveway, the family jumps to action to meticulously stack the fiber fuel behind garage.  We know this work keeps him active and alive.  It’s his reason for being!

Per his wife:  “All he needs is a lawn mower and a pile of Wood and he’s happy”.  

This is why I get up and do this job. Something so simple, yet something that evokes passion in people. Woodpiles. Look at the pride on the face of Jack’s father-in-law.

Keep these stories coming. Keep telling me about this country and the people that have built it into the machine it is. I’m damn near in tears thi

Good morning, Dish subscribers

Were you planning on watching college football today? You might want to find an alternative since ESPN was blacked out on Dish early this morning.

Joel Embiid becomes an American citizen

• Global Freeze, who hits me up with material on Instagram, writes:


[This is from an Associated Press story that ran this week]

“Joel Embiid is an American citizen. Born in Cameroon, Embiid said he was sworn in as a citizen two weeks ago in Philadelphia. The NBA scoring champion and Philadelphia 76ers All-Star center said his family — Embiid and his Brazilian girlfriend Anne de Paula have a young son — played a pivotal role in his decision. “I’ve been here for a long time,” Embiid told The Associated Press on Thursday at training camp at The Citadel. “My son is American. I felt like, I’m living here and it’s a blessing to be an American. So I said, why not?”

It is a blessing. He’s right!🇺🇸🇺🇸

I hate to be morbid this morning, but who’s going to be the first celebrity to die via an eVTOL Uber ride during a Taco Bell run?

I mean, someone has to step up and give their lives to make air taxis better for the next generation. I’ll just be over here allowing someone else to brag on Instagram that they took an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft to the clubs.

Broooooo, we were partying at LIV crushing vodkas when Antonella said she wanted Taco Bell. So we flew off the roof in an eVTOL to get tacos…it was SICK!

The best I can do is say I was the first person to sit on the first official toilet in a Goodyear Blimp. That’s according to the blimp pilot, so I’ll take his word for it. My phone is missing this morning or I’d post that photo.

Someone else test out that safety netting.

It’s officially October…time to dump out all that spooky content

• This caught Chris B.’s eye on Washington Ave. in Houston:

• My wife and I were grabbing lunch Friday in Bowling Green, OH when we saw this Jeep behind us:

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  1. No ESPN or Disney on dish network? Shoot I might have to go with them. I’m big on not giving money to people who hate me, and no two companies hate white men more than Disney and ESPN but its hard as hell to find a package without them.

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