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It’s one thing when California wants your gas-powered mowers, it’s another when Dallas tries to do the same

I had multiple readers send me this “Come and Take It” mower art Monday after it was announced that Dallas, Texas….yes, Dallas, Texas, is inching closer to a gas-powered mower, blower & trimmer ban and targeting a date between 2027 and 2030.

Residents and businesses would be mandated to use “alternative devices.”

As your commissioner and as a taxpayer with a brain, going forward I will use this space and my TNML platform (yes, I’m sounding like some Gen Z loser using that keyword) to lead the charge against any city or state government who attempts to impose gas-powered mower, blower, and trimmer bans.

Why is this gas-powered mower ban by the wokes happening? My friends tell me to “follow the money.”

So I’m ready to follow the money. I’m ready to figure out the ulterior motives by these mowing wokes.

In Dallas, the woke politician leading the charge, Paula Blackmon, once told a reporter, “It’s a public health issue when you wake up at 3 a.m. and a son with asthma can’t breathe,” and added that gas-powered mowers have “impacts people of color.”

That’s Paula’s strategy here.

It’s absolutely sickening.

As a mowing league with numerous participants in Dallas and surrounding communities, I can promise you we will fight for your right to fire up that Toro mower you’ve had for 20 years. We will fight for the landscaping companies that are constantly under attack by woke government officials, many of whom likely use lawn service.

And if you want to fire up your battery-powered mower, more power to you. Big Daddy Government needs to stay the hell out of your lawn-mowing habits. That’s the battle cry here and I can promise you Paula Blackmon and her save-the-world types are in for a fight.

Buckle up, Paula.

Mike in Ohio writes:

Remember when I brought up pillows a couple of weeks ago?

Now it’s time for a fair & balanced response from the ladies of social media.

OSU…it’s not that bad

• Nick S. in Miami, Florida is here to talk me off a ledge:

I understand your diatribe towards OSU after Saturday’s debacle against Michigan but in the grand scheme of things it isn’t so bad.

How do you think I feel being a Miami Hurricanes fan…and having just endured the season we had? 

You complain about losing to Michigan (I will NOT refer to them as UM), and I get it, by try living through home losses (okay, blowouts) to Middle Tennessee State, Duke, UNC, FSU and Pitt. Traveling to Clemson for another blowout was hardly a treat, but at least the atmosphere was awesome. 

In closing, give Michigan some well-deserved props and chalk it up to them being better on Saturday. On the bright side, at least you’ll be watching your Buckeyes playing in a major bowl game come the New Year. I’ll be suffering through year 20 of irrelevance. 

Thanks for the amazing work known as Screencaps, and many prayers and well-wishers going Matthew’s way. 

Advice for Matthew F. after a fire destroyed his parents’ house

• Charlie F. writes:

Matthew and his parents have to realize that this is now an adversarial process. They need to hire a professional adjuster who works for them to go head to head with the insurance company adjuster. A professional working for them can get them the most possible. They normally take a cut of the settlement but speaking from experience it will be worth it.  

If they do not know of any I’d recommend contacting their attorney since most have dealt with some.

I wish them luck and glad only material things were lost.

• Tony C. writes:

Joe re: Matthew F’s fire story – if he/his parents have any pics/videos on phones or in the cloud those can be a good resource to help build the inventory of “stuff” that needs to be replaced in the claim, as well as brands/models/etc.

Turkey report

• Dale in Katy, Texas writes:

A few weeks back you posted my email about boiling and frying a turkey for Thanksgiving.  I wanted to send you a couple of pictures from Thanksgiving.

Instagram posts on Screencaps:

• Vince R. in Pittsburgh writes:

I’m a loyal reader of screencaps and you have published a few of my emails in the past.  I’ve noticed that I cannot see the instagram posts in Screencaps.  The frames are blank except the “View this post on Instagram” wording in the middle.  This is a huge problem because about 70% of your screencaps content is via Instagram.  This happened occasionally before but now I cannot see any Instagram content on Screencaps.  It seems to have coincided with the Iphone operating system update.  I can click on the Instagram link and see the posts on the Instagram site but it only lets me do this for only two clicks.  After that it forces me to log into Instagram and I do not do Instagram.  Twitter is the extent of my social media presence and that is enough toxicity for me.

Do you have any suggestions?


Here’s what I want you guys to do:

  1. See if it’s happening through the Twitter link
  2. Click on the OutKick homepage and see if it’s happening via a click directly from the site

Give me as much intel as possible. Phone operating system (iOS via iPhone or Android) and which links are working/not working.

I will give all of this information to the developers to see what we can determine. We can do this. It’s just a small hiccup. Screencaps will roll on. Hang with me here.

The Spotify billion club

• Mike T. in Idaho, but in Spain right now, sent in this one.

You should be able to click on this image and zoom in to see that Lynyrd Skynyrd has been played a shitload on Spotify. Now I need to know the dollars from royalties the band members see out of those plays.

First jobs

• Keith W. in Phoenix writes:

I love the topic of everyone’s first job.  I’ll be interested in hearing from others.  For my first “unofficial” job, I worked down at my late father’s mechanic/machine shop as a youngster and early teen on Saturdays and in the summer.  It was a small business my Dad built from the ground up and owned and worked at for almost 40 years until he passed.  It was rebuild shop of transmissions and drivelines for heavy-duty trucks, and also a parts distributor.  My job was basically to sweep the offices and the back parts stock room and the shop itself; take out the trash; and when I got my drivers license I’d make parts runs and deliveries.  I also helped the mechanics with menial stuff like bead-blasting grease/grime off parts for the rebuilding, and cleaning small parts in the solvent bath (future cancer, here I come I’m sure!).  

You can imagine all the things I heard and learned from the mechanics when I was an impressionable young teen.  Also, the break room was exactly like you might expect – lockers for the mechanics change of clothes, a refrigerator and microwave and small TV, and a small table to eat lunch at.  Oh yeah, and all the posters of half-naked (and essentially fully naked) women draped over cars and trucks.  I’ll certainly never forget that!  I could go on forever about my Dad’s business.

My first “real” job was as a cart attendant at Target.  As terrible as it sounds collecting and pushing carts in the parking lot in the dead heat of summer in Phoenix, it was actually an awesome 1st job.  As long as I kept the store full of carts and my other tasks done, I could do whatever I wanted… talk to the coed cashiers, “disappear” and hang out in the parking lot, etc.  The managers didn’t keep track of what we were doing since we always worked our butts off getting and keeping the store full of carts.   I actually kept working at Target while I was going to college at ASU, and I was the first to ever use those mechanical cart pushers that are everywhere now.  This was the late 90s at this point.  Back in the day we used to have one guy steering and one guy pushing a huge line of literally dozens of carts.  After the mechanical cart pusher came the job wasn’t as fun because it was usually a 1-man and more lonely job after that.


This isn’t going to shock many of you, but my first paying unofficial job — I was probably 12 or 13 — was mowing lawns that my dad would let me handle. He’d yank the mower out of the truck, leave me with fuel, and off he’d go to mow some other yard.

And with that, I’m off to work another day here at OutKick.

Let’s go give 110% at the office today while never forgetting that Big Daddy Government is spending its day trying to dig deeper into our lives. We have to keep pushing forward to not allow that to happen.


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Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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