Instagram Influencer Shye Lee Explains Why Being Hot Is A ‘Curse’ More Than A ‘Privilege’

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Hey ugly people, you should try being hot once. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be, Instagram influencer and TikTok celebrity Shye Lee claims.

The 29-year-old Lee, who calls herself an “entrepreneur,” is actually calling being hot more of a “curse” than it is a privilege these days. “People overall treat you much differently and they don’t judge you for your actions, they judge you just from your appearance,” she explained to the New York Post in one of those interviews that turns your brain into a pretzel.

And it’s not just Lee who’s concerned over what’s being called “pretty privilege.” TikTok is home to over 300 million video views on the topic and it’s quite possible that the Chinese are trying to infiltrate the brains of our beauties to influence them into becoming ugly Walmart weirdos shopping for donuts and chocolate milk in their pajamas.

Lee says the only time pretty privilege works in favor of the hot woman is for free drinks, VIP tables and rich guys who want to sleep with hot women. Shye also needs to remember that research shows hot women get paid better than ugly women and ugly guys.

“I’m concerned for everyone who thinks those are such glamorous privileges,” Lee said on TikTok. “Pretty girls are never taken seriously.”

She continues: “Watch out for those who are ENVIOUS of you in your inner circle.”

Ain’t that the truth!


Here’s the TEA TEA on Why you see me SOLO majority of the time now. I KNOW I am NOT the only one whose experienced this either. It’s very sad when your heart is so pure but their intentions are not! One thing a pretty girl lacks & desires the most is finding genuine ppl to keep around her. 🙏🏽

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There’s nothing worse than someone from the inner circle who’s NDFF (Not Down For Fun) and always has to be the pain in the ass complainer trying to drag down the others. And that person typically attacks the hot chick.

Shye is onto something here, but I’m highly concerned about how the Chinese state-run social media site is pushing this pretty privilege story. Ladies, you don’t want to be ugly. Trust me. Don’t let these Chinese bots get too deep into your thinking leading to a rash decision.

The haters are gonna hate, hot ladies.

Being hot and paying the “pretty girl tax,” as it was called in 2016, isn’t a new concept, but it’s never had such a platform as what the Chinese are now providing to women in the United States. You’re going to have hot women across this country flip out — while they’re sippin’ a red wine on the couch Thursday night — when they come across this pretty privilege phenomenon while scrolling through TikTok.

Back off, China. This is a dangerous game you’re playing here.

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