Instagram Golf Influencer Bri Teresi Makes One Of The Greatest Putts You’ll Ever See

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When golf nerds think of great putts, they’ll rattle off something about Tiger Woods making an easy tap-in to win the 1997 Masters. Or they’ll reference Jack Nicklaus’ putt on 17 during the 1986 Masters — “Yes sir!”

Then there’s the putt that Instagram golf influencer Bri Teresi sank at a Trump National golf club that has social media buzzing while the blue checkmark nerds are off fighting over LIV Golf vs. the PGA.

Instagram model Bri Teresi putt video
Instagram golf influencer Bi Teresi has the fun Instagram golf community buzzing over her latest putt / Instagram

What we’re seeing here out of Teresi is a pure work of art that you’ve never seen out of Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus. You’ve never seen Trump being over like this and drain a bomb from this distance. And the haters will say there are several other videos on Teresi’s resume where she’s bending over backward.

That’s true, but nothing from this distance. This is no gimme like the other Teresi putts. Stop and appreciate the range on this one.

While Paige Spiranac remains the world’s No. 1 ranked Instagram golf influencer model and Claire Hogle is making a meteoric rise up the world rankings, Teresi has been in the Top 5 for years, but she collected most of her 1.4 million Instagram followers via her modeling work.

That’s right, she has a job.

She stars in the current Guess denim fall campaign where she plays the role of a cowgirl in some western town looking to sell some jeans.

The golf thing is how Teresi spends her free time. Most Instagram golf influencer model bloggers would agree that Teresi would be a legitimate challenger to Spiranac’s crown if she devoted her life to the golf world.

But it comes at a cost.

Disaster can strike when a hobby becomes a job. Teresi seems to be in a great spot right now in the Top 5 of Instagram golf influencer models. She gets to fool around on the course. Make nice money working for Guess and shoot guns on the side.

She’s definitely an influencer to watch as we head toward 2023.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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